Sen. Scott: Left-Wing Groups Using Race, Lawsuits to Carry Out Election Fraud

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One of the top Senate Republicans said that left-wing groups are using lawsuits and allegations of racism to push for measures that weaken the country’s election integrity.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) says that Democrats are currently using claims that voter ID laws are racist in a bid to strike them down, although many such laws are commonplace in countries across Europe and elsewhere.

“You know what the left does? Well, you’re a racist. My gosh, if you do anything like that you’re a racist,” Scott told Just The News. “If you do you have to ask somebody for their ID, you’re a racist, or if you don’t allow us to do same-day registration where you won’t know who’s voting, you must be a racist.”

Meanwhile, left-wing advocacy groups, reportedly coordinating with the Department of Justice, are trying to “make sure that you can commit fraud in this country,” Scott added. Such reports suggest those groups are seeking to dissolve or block voter ID laws, ballot harvesting laws, and limits on ballot boxes, he said.

“It’s not fair that you get to know who’s going to vote in an election. And we ought to be able to ballot harvest. And by the way, those ballot boxes, they shouldn’t be monitored,” Scott, the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), told the outlet. “That’s what they want.”

Scott said that NRSC and Republican National Committee are now defending numerous lawsuits against election integrity laws across the United States.

“We’re defending lawsuits all over the country where these states have improved their election laws to make sure that your vote is never diluted,” he said.

About a month ago, a judge in Florida ruled that the state’s new election law, SB 90, was unconstitutional, although state officials have appealed the order. That law was signed in May 2021 by the governor before it was challenged by several liberal advocacy groups, some of which accused the law of being racist.

By Jack Phillips

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