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In the video below, Heidi Hanson, 14 year old Grace Sulak’s mother along with Kristin Sulak, spoke to The Island Packet & Beaufort Gazette on Tuesday, May 24, 2016, about the mission she’s on to get the person responsible for the hit-and-run wreck that claimed the life of Grace to come forward. Hanson says “they know what they did” and will never find peace until they turn themselves in.

Chip Michalove, a fisherman and charter boat captain in South Carolina, hooked a massive shark that was 5-foot long and weighed in at 2,800-pound. After tagging and taking tissue samples of the shark for tracking and research purposes, and before releasing the shark back into the sea, Michalove named the shark Grace.

“We’re naming her Grace, after an aspiring marine biologist Grace Sulak who was killed in a hit and run [on] May 7, 2016 on I-26,” Michalove wrote in the Facebook post.

“I’ve noticed that these sharks, if it’s a big one, they go viral,” Captain Chip Michalove told Fox News. “And I remembered the story of Grace, from a few years ago, and how they never found the driver from the hit and run … So I thought, let’s force this story to get the attention the family deserves.” (Outcast Sport Fishing)

Chip Michalove is offering a prize for anyone who can positively identify the driver of the hit and run vehicle which they believe is a Dodge Ram 2500.

“I offered a free great-white tagging trip to anyone who can figure out who did this. And when I did that, it seemed like it kicked [interest] up another notch.”

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