Should America Have A National Divorce?

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Interesting conversation today between Steve Bannon and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene about a poll she took on her Facebook page of whether people wanted to see the country divided permanently between Blue states and Red states. Fully 43 percent of those responding wanted to see the country split because of “irreconcilable differences.’ Greene said this is “a wakeup call to Democrats in particular, that they cannot do this to our country.” Bannon said dividing the country is a bad idea because the Deplorables already control most of the country.

“We have to start to govern like we mean it. The problem is we win elections and we have these country club Republicans, and we basically are the controlled opposition (even in power). My take is that if you’re going to keep this country together, start acting like you’re in charge. We’re putting together a coalition form the Rio Grande Valley to the inner cities, African American males, the hard-working blue collar Hispanics from those hard-scrabble counties in south Texas. This is a movement that has two-thirds to 75 percent of the country with us.”

1. So many people tell me daily how devastated they are over the state of our union on every level, and I completely share their utter disgust & heartbreak for the condition of our country. National Divorce is talked about often privately, but not publicly, so I took a poll.

2. These are the final results after the outraged left shared this poll everywhere and tried to tank it. Look how high the yes votes are in spite of their efforts and allowing 3 days for people to vote. 43% actually want a National Divorce, and 9% are undecided.

3. In just 9 short months, Joe Biden and the entire Democrat party has ruined so many people’s lives and destroyed our country so badly that 43% of Americans want a #NationalDivorce and want to split btw Republican and Democrat states.

4. This should be the warning siren to all of us that America is on a path to irreconcilable differences. With nearly $30 Trillion in debt & more on the way, a serious border invasion, repulsive moral decline, uncontrollable inflation, & Democratic Communism, I too might agree.

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