Stephen Miller on Biden’s Afghan Resettlement Policies

Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller (NBC News)
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Stephen Miller is senior adviser to President Trump and architect of his immigration policy, as well as the founder of America First Legal. He recently warned the American people about Biden’s Afghan resettlement policies which will import thousands of Afghanis into the United States and cost Americans, including our children, billions of dollars, while turning unvetted Afghan nationals into U.S. citizens.

Biden just sent Congress his Administration’s policy “riders” for the Government Funding Bill (Continuing Resolution). They include lifetime welfare and path to citizenship for every unvetted Afghan national Biden has randomly flown—or will fly—into United States indluding and their relatives. 1/10

In this first screenshot you can see the covered population is ANY Afghan national living in ANY country that Biden flies to the US between last July and the end of *NEXT* fiscal year. By definition, they lack lawful status. If adopted in CR, it’s likely renewed annually. 2/10

In the next section, they eliminate every statutory vetting process, and every legal qualification, by declaring the sole standard to be whatever Mr. Open Borders (Mayorkas) rubber stamps via the misnamed “Operation Allies Welcome” (there’s zero requirement to be an “ally”). 3/10

All legal restrictions on welfare & public benefits are waived, allowing every unauthorized Afghan national to access cash welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, public housing, etc. This is “off books” spending—Congress doesn’t appropriate the $, it’s just drawn from the Treasury. 4/10

At any point in the future, immediate relatives are available for the same status and benefits. Of course, the numbers really explode once citizenship is attained and formal chain migration kicks in. Biden compounding one disaster with another. 5/10

The key section: 1 year after arrival, Afghan nationals will be given “permanent residence” (green cards) by Mayorkas, which means rapid path to citizenship & chain migration. No need to meet any legal definition of SIV, asylee, refugee, “ally”—or any legal standard at all. 6/10

If that all wasn’t radical enough, the budget plan further authorizes Mayorkas to waive almost any ground of inadmissibility—in other words, even if an Afghan national is explicitly barred from admission by law, they can be made a permanent resident. 7/10

And it goes further yet still: “Afghan national” is defined not only to include current but also *former* residents of Afghanistan. This would include much of the millions-large Afghan community living in Pakistan. 8/10

Lastly, Biden’s budget plan exempts all Afghan nationals from statutory immigration caps (no offsetting cuts) and backdates permanent residency to the date of parole to move up citizenship to five years from enactment. 9/10

Open borders to extremist hotbeds will yield catastrophe. For tiny fraction of cost, migrants could be resettled in home region. This is about Biden’s agenda of maximum migration. Makes Obama’s Syrian refugee plan look very conservative. Pro-sovereignty lawmakers must block.10/10

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart