Steve Cortes: Our Response to Biden’s “Red Sermon”

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Biden darkly escalates — because Permanent Washington loses its grip on power.

Joe Biden has spent a half century in elected office in Washington DC. Until last night, his only real legacy involved collecting substantial personal wealth for himself and his family.

After all, he was an unremarkable corporatist senator from Delaware who capably represented mammoth multinationals, but he mattered little legislatively. He was then a largely ignored vice-president who doddered in political obscurity, even as he secretly maneuvered with his son to establish lucrative business ties with the most dangerous regimes on the planet.

But now, Joe Biden makes his mark – and solidifies his ignoble legacy as the first US president to explicitly denigrate tens of millions of citizens in a fascistic and incendiary speech targeting masses of regular citizens as criminals.

Against a blood red backdrop that would embarrass the Ministry of Information of North Korea, Biden used US Marines as props and desecrated one of the most sacred places in our Republic, Independence Hall, to demonize the overwhelming majority of Americans who reject his dismal mismanagement of our homeland. His sinister threats in Philadelphia began with this indictment of an entire political movement: “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

Just days earlier, this same embittered dolt threatened regular Americans who embrace their God-given right to bear arms. Biden mocked the idea of self-defense against tyranny by implicitly threatening to use the state’s weapons of war against citizens, stating that to counter such despotism, Americans would “need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.” He also posted a social media dismissal of the entire America First movement as “backwards, full of anger, violence, hate, and division.”

Such menacing attacks upon a free people can easily dispirit the psyche of a country that increasingly descends into oligarchy. But, in a sense, this kind of brazen bullying should actually reinforce the will of citizens to reclaim our country, to restore our prosperity, and reestablish our sovereignty. In many ways, this escalating bellicosity from the Biden regime represents the last gasps of a ruling class that has simply pushed the people too far.

The combination of a radical leftist cultural agenda plus economic calamity in America sends Biden’s approval to record lows. In fact, in the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, Biden sits at a stunning 20 points underwater on the approve/disapprove ratio at 38/58%. Incredibly, he lost a net 7% on that ratio in just the last week, and the latest survey was taken before his dark “sermon in red.”

Certainly, we patriotic populists should take these direct threats from the White House seriously. The power of the state to abuse our rights remains vast, as seen in the corrupt tactics of the formerly-revered FBI, which not acts as a political police force for permanent Washington.

But simultaneously, we must recognize that we witness right now the political equivalent of a supernova. When some large stars die, the outer layers explode as a “supernova” creating enormous energy in the last burst before the star collapses. If our movement remains focused and refuses to “take the bait” from Biden to engage in any illegal resistance to the regime, then we will ensure that the DC globalist corporatist leftism will crumble into a political black hole.

What are the strategies to ensure our victory over this clear aggressive despotism?

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By Steve Cortes

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart