Tera Myers’ full speech at the Republican National Convention

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School choice advocate Tera Myers spoke on the third night of the Republican National Convention on August 26, 2020.


Good evening. My name is Tara Myers. Tonight, I am here as a wife and mother, to share how education freedom has personally impacted my family, especially the life of my son, Samuel. Before Samuel was even born, I was told his life wouldn’t be worth living. When early tests revealed he had Down syndrome, our doctor encouraged me to terminate the pregnancy. He said, “If you do not, you will be burdening your life, your family, and your community.” I knew my baby was a human being, created by God and that made him worthy of life. I am thankful that President Trump values the life of the unborn. When we went to register Samuel for kindergarten, we were told to just put him where he would be comfortable. Don’t stress him out by trying to teach him. When we pushed for him to attend his neighborhood school with his sisters, we were told, “Just go home and let us do what we do.”

When I inquired about functional learning, I was told, “This is all you get, like it or not.” Well, I did not like it. One size did not fit all. So, I helped fight to pass legislation in Ohio for a special needs scholarship, so that all students could choose the right program for their needs. I worked to start a new functional learning program at our local private school. Finally, Samuel had an appropriate place to learn. Last December, Samuel was invited to the White House to meet our President and share his thoughts on education freedom. He said, “School choice helped my dreams come true. My school taught me the way I learn best. I was able to fit in. I made many friends. I became a part of my community. My teachers helped me become the best I can be.”

President Trump shook my hand and said, Wonderful job, mom. Your son is amazing.” Unlike the doctor who told me to end Samuel’s life before it even began, President Trump did not dismiss my son. He showed Samuel, he valued him and was proud of what he accomplished. President Trump gave Samuel an equal seat at the table. Tonight, I would like to extend my thanks to President Trump and his administration for their work towards making every student’s dream of a meaningful education, a reality, and for fighting to ensure every child in America has an equal seat at the table of education freedom, and an equal opportunity in life. Thank you, and may God bless America.

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