Texas Law Against Abortion Is Genius

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Steve Bannon talked to Terry Schilling, president of the American Principles Project, about the new Texas Heartbeat Act banning abortions performed after a fetal heartbeat is detected (approximately 6 weeks). The Supreme Court declined to stop the law from taking effect at midnight last night, and the mainstream media is melting down. (See cold opens at beginning of both videos, including Jeffrey Toobin on CNN at beginning of second video.)

“Planned Parenthood is the left. They have the best lawyers you can buy, the best lawyers on the planet to advance their cause, and they don’t know how to challenge this law in the courts. That’s the genius of this law. Mississippi is different because that bill that’s being before the Supreme Court now, that is enforced by the state. This Texas bill that they don’t know what the hell to do with, it’s enforced by the people. The people can sue these doctors and get civil penalties levied on them for $10,000 for violating the law… if they don’t check a heartbeat … or if they commit the abortion after a heartbeat is detected. … And  the employees are held liable. This gets the employees involved. So let’s say a nurse at the abortionist clinic sees that the doctor does this … after a heartbeat is detected, they’re also going to be liable for $10,000, so then they are incentivized to sue that doctor… This is such a beautiful law, Steve, and it really could be the end of abortion in America.”

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