The Antifa: Stories From Inside the Black Bloc

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The Antifa: Stories From Inside the Black Bloc
The Antifa: Stories From Inside the Black Bloc

Few in the media have followed Antifa more closely – and have the scars to prove it – than journalist Jack Posobiec.

From infiltrating their 2016 meetings where they planned their attack on Trump’s inauguration to going undercover in Seattle’s CHAZ in 2020, Posobiec has never backed down from exposing the true nature of Antifa.

In The Antifa, Posobiec uncovers the secret history of this radical anarchist group, while integrating his personal encounters with some of its most hardcore and violent members. While until recently few Americans were aware of Antifa’s existence, Posobiec shows that, in fact, it is part of a violent revolutionary tradition that dates back more than a hundred years.

Like its predecessors, most recently including the Weathermen terrorists of the 1960’s, it is driven by an overriding aim: the overthrow of the existing political order and capitalism itself, and replacing it with a communist state.

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Antifa saw and seized its chance in 2020. Because it was not brought to heel – indeed, was encouraged in its violent mayhem by sympathetic city and state governments — it now looms as a greater threat than ever before. In fact, as Posobiec shows, Antifa is today better positioned than were any of its radical forebears to actually achieve its goal.


An excerpt from Jack Posobiec’s forthcoming book, The Antifa: Stories from Inside the Black Bloc.

The following is an excerpt from Jack Posobiec’s forthcoming book, The Antifa: Stories from Inside the Black Bloc, chronicling the secret history of the radical anarchist group from their earliest days in Weimar Germany, to the battlefields of Syria, to their rise to prominence within the the United States.

The riots began at the end of May, and by the end of August, nearly every state in the country had been hit. The pandemic lockdowns already had everyone on edge, then a video of a suspect dying in police custody went viral—the spark that lit the fuse. It was the summer of 2020. Riots raged in Minneapolis, from there, spreading to the West Coast and flaring to the East. Cities like Portland and Seattle first saw protests, then mobs of violent activists appeared overnight. In Chicago, New York, St. Louis, and Philadelphia, looters took to the streets, smashing storefronts and stealing their pick of what was inside. Cable networks and smartphone screens alike quickly filled with scenes of violence and carnage across American streets. Statues of America’s founders and religious figures were toppled. Lafayette Park outside the White House filled with occupiers who set fire to a historic church.

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About Jack Posobiec

Jack Posobiec is currently a writer, filmmaker, and recovering political operative. In 2016, Jack was the Special Projects Director for Citizens for Trump, the largest Trump grassroots organization in the US. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Jack has worked for 4 presidential campaigns, as well as numerous candidates for Senate, Congress, and Governor.

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Jack Posobiec is a former U.S. Navy intelligence officer who deployed with the DIA to Guantanamo Bay and around the world with the Office of Naval Intelligence. He is one of the most effective right-wing activists on social media and is followed by hundreds of thousands of people on Facebook and Twitter. He is the author of Citizens for Trump: The Inside Story of People’s Movement to Take Back America and 4D Warfare: A Doctrine for a New Generation of Politics.

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