The Big Marxist Lie

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One must be prepared for every sacrifice, to use every stratagem, ruse, illegal methods to be determined to conceal the truth for the purpose of accomplishing, despite everything, the Communist task ~ Lenin

There is nothing new under the sun. The Marxist messaging must be wrapped in puzzling language to hide the real intentions from the innocent public. That’s exactly what the Left (Marxists) do when addressing issues like education.

Marxism is hostile to freedom and liberty. The very core of liberty is the realm of the individual—liberty of thought and feeling. Liberty starts with the education of our children. A school is much like a basket into which children are nurtured while young and fragile.

Marxist teachers are responsible for the thoughts of the coming generation, so they must indoctrinate kids while they are young. The presumption being that they can create via state action the exact kind of human beings and social order they demand. The state must remove all external constraints—legal, economic, religious, educational, and environmental—that hampers society’s fulfillment.

The main idea behind Critical Race Theory is not “equal opportunity” as stated in our Constitution. The CRT goal is to flip the tables on institution protecting individual liberty and equal opportunity. We must remember that America is about individual equality and not group equity as in Marxism.

I do not understand the attraction to Marxism. It offers nothing and demands everything including our soul. Yet we have people like Howard Zinn. Zinn is a self-described Anarchist, Socialist, and Democratic-Socialist. He wrote the People’s History of the United States. The book’s bibliography does not contain any original or primary sources. Madison, Jefferson, Adams, and other Founding Fathers are missing, yet this book was the primary history book for teaching our children in some of our schools in our community. No wonder our kids know little about the real history of our nation and are indoctrinated into hating the country they are so lucky to have been born into.

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