Did FBI brass censor ‘agents’ report warning of political influence? Congress wants to know

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The FBI’s Own Committee of Special Agents Had Complaints of FBI’s Politicization Redacted in Report

Sen. Chuck Grassley “questions for record” two FBI Director Wray allege agents advisory committee’s politicization concerns removed.

It’s commonplace after a congressional hearing for some lawmakers to follow up with additional questions to the witnesses. The practice, known as “questions for the record,” usually involves arcane or technical matters and seldom makes news.

But Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, appears to have included a bombshell allegation in a recent QFR he sent FBI Director Christopher Wray after a contentious hearing last month in the Senate.

In question number 16 to Wray, Grassley revealed that his office had received allegations that a special advisory committee made up of FBI agents from the field raised concerns with Wray that politics had infected the bureau’s investigative decision-making but those concerns got excised from the final report.

It’s an issue Grassley tried to raise at the hearing but got rebuffed.

“At the hearing, I asked you about the FBI’s Special Agents Advisory Committee that presents reports and concerns to you,” Grassley wrote Wray in an Aug. 11 letter reviewed by Just the News. “The committee consists of FBI agents from all of its Field Offices.

“It’s been alleged to me that FBI agents provided information outlining concerns that the FBI has become too politicized in its decision-making. It’s been alleged that those concerns were removed from this year’s final report.”



Grassley did not specify from whom he had received the allegations, but the letter came after his office confirmed it has received complaints from more than a dozen FBI whistleblowers about political manipulation of cases inside America’s most famous crime-fighting agency.

“What steps will you take to address the concerns raised by these FBI agents?” Grassley asked the director. “You did not provide a complete answer to me and noted that you would get back to me. So, what are the answers to my questions? Why were those concerns removed from the final report?”

By John Solomon

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