The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity

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The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity by Douglas Murray
The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity by Douglas Murray

The challenging and brilliantly-argued new book from the bestselling author of The Strange Death of Europe.

In his devastating new book The Madness of Crowds, Douglas Murray examines the twenty-first century’s most divisive issues: sexuality, gender, technology and race. He reveals the astonishing new culture wars playing out in our workplaces, universities, schools and homes in the names of social justice, identity politics and intersectionality.

We are living through a postmodern era in which the grand narratives of religion and political ideology have collapsed. In their place have emerged a crusading desire to right perceived wrongs and a weaponization of identity, both accelerated by the new forms of social and news media. Narrow sets of interests now dominate the agenda as society becomes more and more tribal–and, as Murray shows, the casualties are mounting.

Readers of all political persuasions cannot afford to ignore Murray’s masterfully argued and fiercely provocative book, in which he seeks to inject some sense into the discussion around this generation’s most complicated issues. He ends with an impassioned call for free speech, shared common values and sanity in an age of mass hysteria.

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“Simply brilliant. Reading it to the end, I felt as though I’d just drawn my first full breath in years. At a moment of collective madness, there is nothing more refreshing–or, indeed, provocative–than sanity.” – Sam Harris, author of five New York Times bestsellers and host of the Making Sense podcast

“Superb” – Andrew Sullivan, New York Magazine

“A really important, endlessly readable, well-written work.” – Madeleine Kerns, National Review

“Murray cuts through the doubt-sowing incoherence of social-justice babble to say ― eloquently ― what 95 per cent of us believe, but have been made fearful to say aloud. Read it.” – Barbara Kay, National Post

“From the silly to the tragic, Murray covers the range of identititarian pathology without ever losing his cool. The result is a book that is less a political war cry than a map and compass to a strange world of shifting topographies and endless inconsistencies.” – Abe Greenwald, Commentary

“Whether one agrees with him or not, Douglas Murray is one of the most important public intellectuals today.” – Bernard-Henri Lévy

“[A] profound meditation … The Strange Death of Europe can be a warning inspiring statesmanship, not―as the author himself expects―a eulogy for the old continent.” – The American Conservative, on The Strange Death of Europe

“Timely … Murray takes a stance that few dare to … With violence erupting in Europe and America’s new anti-immigration policies, this audacious work will find its readers.” – Kirkus Reviews, on The Strange Death of Europe

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“An enthralling account of the rise of Islamism in Europe. It’s beautifully written and cogently argued.” – Christina Hoff Sommers, Politico, on The Strange Death of Europe

“Excellent and disturbing.” – Michael Barone, Washington Examiner, on The Strange Death of Europe

“[A] powerful new book.” – National Review, on The Strange Death of Europe

“Murray’s clear and humane exposition of the seismic changes and the abject failure of political elites to face up to them gives those not willfully blind an opportunity to see.” – American Thinker, on The Strange Death of Europe

“Fascinating, brilliant, beautifully argued and deeply disturbing.” – Elliot Abrams,, on The Strange Death of Europe

“A fiery, lucid, and essential polemic.” – Commentary, on The Strange Death of Europe

“Lively … Murray’s book is informed by actual reporting across the Continent, and a quality of writing that manages to be spritely and elegiac at the same time. Murray’s is also a truly liberal intellect, in that he is free from the power that taboo exerts over the European problem, but he doesn’t betray the slightest hint of atavism or mean-spiritedness.” – National Review, on The Strange Death of Europe

“[A] startling, well-argued polemic.” – The Federalist, on The Strange Death of Europe

“Douglas Murray has written what is probably the most important book of the last 50 years.” –, on The Strange Death of Europe

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About the Author

Douglas Murray is an author and journalist based in Britain. His latest book, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, was published by Bloomsbury Continuum in May 2017. It spent almost 20 weeks on the Sunday Times bestseller list and was a No. 1 bestseller in non-fiction. It has subsequently been published in more than 20 languages worldwide and has been read and cited by politicians around the world. The Evening Standard described it as, ‘By far the most compelling political book of the year.’

Murray has been a contributor to the Spectator since 2000 and has been Associate Editor at the magazine since 2012. He has also written regularly for numerous other outlets including the Wall Street JournalThe TimesThe Sunday Times, the SunEvening Standard and the New Criterion. He is a regular contributor to National Review and has been a columnist for Standpoint magazine since its founding.

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