The Media’s Cheap Shots at Those in Public Life Are Contemptible

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It is time to show that it is not only the horrible and often almost psychotic excesses of Trump-hate that are unjust political commentary, but even relatively trivial shots taken at his opponents are unbecoming and contemptible.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with former president Obama holding a large 60th birthday party for himself at his summer house. His rise from relatively obscure socio-economic beginnings to two terms as president of the United States will always be an uplifting testament the meritocratic virtue of the country. That it is also shattered the color bar on electability of presidents is a bonus.

I do not think he was a successful president, but his story is, in the abstract, an uplifting one. And it’s his money, his home, his guests. He can invite whomever he wishes in whatever numbers he wants to his party, and it’s no one’s business but his.

Some of the snide remarks about the occasion have been based on the hypocrisy of the perpetual Democratic state of masked alarm about COVID. Instead of waging Democratic hysteria about the pandemic that was almost entirely politically motivated and was enabled and facilitated by the fishtailing and back flipping Dr. Anthony Fauci and others, such an occasion should be cited as evidence of the progress against the virus and of the need for everyone above the age of 15 to be vaccinated.

Trump-hate is a disgraceful and disgusting current pastime of almost the entire media, virtually every living Democrat, and the detritus of the well trodden sour grapes of the Never Trumpers. Obama himself contributed to it with his nonsense in 2016 that Trump was a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan and on many other occasions.

These people should not be emulated in attempting to dispute the right of anyone and particularly a former two-term president of the United States to celebrate a landmark birthday with his family and his friends.

By Conrad Black

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