The Rage Orchestrating the Transformation of America

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One of the many traps into which conservatives routinely fall is thinking that their ideological opponents don’t fully understand the nature and the consequences of the ruinous policies they advocate. Cries of, “don’t they realize that…” and “surely they can see the hypocrisy” fill the air as the well-meaning but utterly naïve Right tries to make sense of the rabid, foaming Left and its dynamic plan for “direct action,” that is, force and violence.

How else to explain the events of the past nine months, the astonishingly fast descent of the United States of America from a muscular Republic confident of its history, purpose, and mission, into a mewling metrosexual stew of intersectional genders, military pusillanimity, overt contempt for the nation by its elected leaders, and a near-total loss of faith in its institutions?

Our present, parlous state has not happened by accident or inanition. Rather, it has been meticulously planned, step by step, for the better part of a century. One by one the bricks in the wall, laid by our Founders and pointed up ever since by patriots of both parties who took their responsibilities as custodians of their birthright solemnly and seriously, have been removed: faith, tradition, and the Constitution itself.

We can date the proximate cause of our cultural discontent—for, at root, our problems are cultural, and only secondarily political—to the arrival of the Frankfurt School, Marxist refugees from Hitler who roosted in some of the country’s top Ivy League schools, bringing with them their malcontent notion of Critical Theory, the Pandora’s Box of misery from which all evils have flown, including the now-notorious “critical race theory.”

In my 2015 best-selling book on the subject, “The Devil’s Pleasure Palace,” I wrote this: “Rage is the salient characteristic of Satan, and of the satanic in men.”

And what do we see all around us today? Rage against the Man, against the System, against Whiteness, against newly defined “bigotry,” against the existing order, against religion, against Western civilization, against history itself. Rage is curdling the blood of half our citizens, driving them mad with ersatz resentment, misplaced empathy, and frustration that their views of what ought to be and reality are irreconcilable.

Sequence of Events

All this rage—the cornerstone of Critical Theory, but masquerading as an academic discipline—has unchained a sequence of events, brilliantly executed by the Left since the election of Donald Trump interrupted the Democrats’ Obama-era promise of “fundamental transforming the United States of America.”

By Michael Walsh

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