The Unity Project: Defeating COVID-19 Mandates For K-12 Students

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The Unity Project was formed to unite vast numbers of independent groups statewide into a powerful force of concerned citizens that is well-resourced, well-coordinated with streamlined communication and propelled by strong execution across the state.  The Unity Project is humbly serving as a catalyst to amplify the good work of its strategic partners and magnify and support the best strategies being driven by the most experienced and effective groups in the space.

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Numerous groups of engaged citizens are spontaneously forming throughout California to defeat the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for all K-12 students, but most of these groups remain fragmented and are failing to leverage the power of large numbers through statewide unity.  


We are a group of concerned families, business leaders, and other professionals that have joined together to launch The Unity Project to aid a unified movement against forced Covid-19 child vaccines, via unification efforts, resourcing, and a desire to amplify the best strategies of the most organized and effective groups that are already doing tremendous work in this space across the state.

We recognize the urgent need to unite these fragmented groups statewide into a powerful force of concerned citizens that is well-resourced, well-coordinated with streamlined communication and propelled by strong execution across the state. Our humble intention is to also serve as a catalyst that significantly amplifies the best strategies being driven by the most experienced and effective groups in the space.

The effort is being met with overwhelming enthusiasm, as everyone knows there’s tremendous power in large numbers acting together.


Unity & Teamwork. We are building a “broad tent” community that is neither interested in nor distracted by “Left – Right” partisan politics. Instead, we are committed to a framework where integrity, care for one another, and rational evidence-based common sense guide us.

This powerful movement has already gained tremendous momentum involving citizens across both sides of the political aisle who share these core values and are deeply united on this particular issue.

Diversity & Action. This statewide movement reflects remarkable diversity across the political, racial, socio-economic, and all other “spectrums,” forming a beautiful mosaic of thoughtful citizens who share one common goal: to protect our children and each family’s freedom to choose. This is an issue of freedom and infractions against our core liberties. We must be willing to stand up now to say no and to fight. We can only do this optimally if united.

Vaccine Neutral & Choice. Broad swaths of those in the movement have received the Covid-19 vaccine. However, we stand for parents’ freedom of choice in our kids’ health care, and we stand as a voice for the marginalized children in this particular story.

We Stand Against

Forcing children as young as five-years-old to effectively become human shields, assuming vaccine-injury-risk despite having statistically zero risk of COVID-19 to those who are healthy, just so adults with comorbidities can feel safer — what kind of a society does that?  At no time in history have we put children in harm’s way to protect adults.

Stripping risk/benefit discretion from parents with a novel vaccine for children, which, if healthy, are at statistically greater risk of the seasonal flu than Covid-19.

Illogical, unscientific, top-down, one-size-fits-all carte blanche mandates for healthy children that directly contradict the current body of evidence and data

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Here is what we ask you to do…

Immediate Action Requested

We are quickly uniting the various groups across the state while simultaneously collaborating with many regarding strategy and the most effective ways we can aid the excellent work they’re already doing.  Given that every moment counts, we need everyone reading this message to immediately: 

(1) Click on the relevant “Get Involved” link and take a few moments to provide your contact informationWe must build a network that social media cannot “cancel”.

(2)  If you’re not already involved with a group in your area that is active in this space, please visit the “Strategic Partners” section of our website, reach out, support them and engage!

(3) Aggressively distribute this website to everyone you know and ask them to do the same thing three things.

Please help us harness the power of leveraging broad personal networks to fuel exponential growth in the development of a network of like-minded parents and citizens across the state.  Please help us do this in parallel to our ongoing work of unifying numerous groups,  collaborating, and assisting in strategy execution.

Get Involved for Groups

Get Involved for Individuals

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Backed by Globally Esteemed Experts in Health Care and Science, Business Leaders, Grassroots Groups and Concerned Citizens Everywhere:

Dr. Peter McCullough: The Unity Project – Strategic Advisory Council Member

MD, MPH, FACC, FAHA, FASN, FNKF, FNLA, FCRSA, internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, Chief Medical Officer, Truth for health Foundation, most highly published cardiac and kidney specialist in history, globally

Dr. Robert Malone: Chief Medical & Regulatory Officer

MD, MS, Northwestern School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School fellow – Global Clinical Research Scholar (2016), original Inventor of the mRNA Vaccine Platform used in the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines

Dr. Paul Alexander: Chief Scientific Officer

MA, PhD, Oxford University, McMaster University, Former WHO Consultant and Senior Advisor to US Dept of HHS in 2020 for the COVID-19 response

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty: Chief of Medical Ethics

MD, Georgetown University, Notre Dame, Professor at University of California Irvine, Chairman, UCI Hospital’s medical ethics committees and at the California Department of State Hospitals

The Unity Project Strategic Advisory Council

Visit the Unity Project Website

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