The Vax, Football, and the Left

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They see an opportunity to assert vaccine absolutism AND attack a game they hate…

In the wake of the Damar Hamlin medical scare, the Leftists see an opening to score political points and simultaneously pursue two goals they relish: insist on vaccine conformity and disparage football. In fact, such conjoined opportunities rarely arise in one incident. So, thinking Americans better be prepared to push back — to maintain vaccine skepticism, and to defend our cherished national game.

Hamlin collapsed into cardiac arrest on national television during Monday Night Football after making a tackle that involved a seemingly regular collision, at least by elite football standards. After a harrowing brush with death, Hamlin received superb medical care and thankfully appears headed toward a robust recovery.

But the sight of such a young and supremely fit athlete rendered helpless and lifeless before a giant TV audience naturally led to questions about the true cause of the alarming episode. The NFL has joined most of corporate America in not only aggressively pushing the Covid mRNA treatments for the general public, but also establishing punishing protocols making life extremely difficult for unvaccinated employees.

So, given the near uniform vaccination rate for the league, plus intense recent speculation about vax cardiovascular side effects for young men, questions immediately surfaced about the Big Pharma shots causing Hamlin’s emergency.

In fact, not pursuing that line of inquiry would be nonsensical and totally prejudicial. But conservative activist and talk show host Charlie Kirk met the online Leftist outrage mob for simply posting this observation: “This is a tragic and all too familiar sight right now: Athletes dropping suddenly.”

Liberal New Republic columnist Matt Ford responded to Kirk that “your grandchildren will be ashamed of you someday.” Outgoing Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, an alleged “conservative,” assailed Kirk as “the biggest piece of human garbage that can possibly exist right now.”

The prevailing acceptable narrative asserted quickly following the on-field tragedy…no one was allowed to even discuss the vaccine regarding this case. The legacy media went to great lengths to talk about every possible angle of the Hamlin story except for the vaccine’s possible role.

By Steve Cortes

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