There’s No Such Thing As Artificial Intelligence

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Mark Jeftovic of joins the “War Room” to talk about the Big Tech revolution as a modern Tower of Babel.

“For me the Tower of Babel, we know what the biblical story is all about, and I think that’s very metaphorical and allegorical and symbolic. What the Tower of Babel story is really about I think is what happens when man or humanity tries to usurp God using technology. … They were trying to reach into the heavens and become as a God and then things went badly and you had this Tower of Babel moment that set humanity back aeons.  Now, we’re not trying to usurp God per se because we live in a materialist world where they don’t  think there is even a God. They think consciousness is a byproduct of material not the other way around. Now we’re trying to create artificial intelligence using our technology, and we think once that happens, a mind is going to leap out of that technology and it’s going to solve all our problems… But here’s the issue. There is no such thing as artificial intelligence.”

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