Transhumanists Want To Digitize Your Baby’s Brain

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The Technocratic Dream of Making Every Human a Robot and Every Robot a Human


A lot of people can’t believe that well-connected technocrats dream of turning every human on earth into a hyperproductive biomachine. At the very least, they don’t want to believe it. For doubters, the transhumanist movement is like a flying saucer or the elusive Sasquatch—it makes for a good campfire story, but what are the chances that Bigfoot and E.T. are conspiring to jab a Neuralink chip into your kid’s head?

The chances are better than you’d think.

Unlike other mythical monsters, techno-globalists don’t creep through the woods or sneak around the dark side of the moon. If you follow WiredGizmodoBloombergThe EconomistForbesthe New York Timesor the World Economic Forum’s own newsfeed, you know they’re not even hiding in plain sight. The corporate media just refuse to call them out for what they are.

Renegade journalist Whitney Webb is uninhibited by such career-conscious taboos. Her recent article at Unlimited Hangout—A ‘Leap’ Toward Humanity’s Destruction”—may sound like an 80’s sci-fi story, but her facts are thoroughly sourced and her overall argument is sound:

An implicit transhumanist agenda has risen to prominence, but it can only advance if we allow it to.

Webb’s work shines a lone spotlight on the UK-based Wellcome Trust and their biomedical initiative, Wellcome Leap. This top-tier NGO oversees projects that include making fresh livers from scratch with 3D printers and using transcranial stimulation to soothe your dystopic woes. Another scheme is to fit 3 month-old infants with wearable sensors to track their neurological development into early childhood.

The latter endeavor, dubbed “The First 1000 Days,” is a proposal to scan every baby brain they can get their hands on. Their purpose is to create detailed computer simulations of cognitive development. Webb writes:

“The program description [states] that artificial neural networks, a form of AI, ‘have demonstrated the viability of modeling network pruning process and the acquisition of complex behaviours in much the same way as a developing brain,’ while improvements in machine learning…can now be used to extract ‘meaningful signals’ from the brains of infants and young children. These algorithms can then be used to develop ‘interventions’ for young children deemed…to be in danger of having underdeveloped brain function.”

by Joe Allen

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