This Was Not A Free And Fair Election

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Brian Kennedy of the Claremont Institute talks to Steve Bannon about the 2020 election. Claremont Institute associate John Eastman wrote the memo that explained why the results in key states should have been returned to their Legislatures to be certified before Congress accepted them from the Electoral College. Steve sets up the interview by letting his viewers know that sheriffs in Wisconsin are about to present evidence of election fraud in their state.

“What John was trying to do, at the end of the day, was … to offer legitimacy to the government. If you conduct January 6 and just let everything go through the way it was and not examine what happened on Nov. 3, you have a substantial body of Americans… who just think the election was stolen. … So what John was offering to the entire country was a way for all of us to take a pause, send this back to the states, have the elected representatives examine how the votes were certified, and either affirm that certification or change that certification in the hopes of providing legitimacy to this government. That didn’t happen, and so today we are living in a world where substantial parts of the country believe the election was stolen.”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart