Trump hosted a Latinos for Trump Coalition roundtable in Phoenix, AZ

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President Trump hosted a Latinos for Trump Coalition roundtable event on Monday in Phoenix. The visit endeavored to bolster the Latino vote, the rising force dubbed ‘The Sleeping Giant’ that is no longer underestimated as politically apathetic. Biden is currently polling ahead in Arizona and leading by 7.4 percentage points, based on an average of national polling.

Hispanic Americans who voted Democrat in 2016 and experienced the record unemployment lows of Trump’s administration may turn out to be his trump card in November. An opinion piece in The New York Times by Latino writer Jorge Ramos argues that there is no road to the White House that is not paved by Latino voters.

 “Republicans and Democrats alike seem to rediscover us every four years, then forget about us. It is called the Christopher Columbus syndrome.”

The question is whether this sort of resentment was justified during the Trump years – a period when all Americans, regardless of minority status, were catered to. The heavy Latino support for Trump poses a potential difficulty for Democrats. An estimated third of Latinos intend to vote the President back into office. The Biden campaign is now concerned with his dissipating Latino support in Florida, and senior campaign advisor Symone Sanders acknowledged that there is key work to be done to appeal to Hispanic voters.

Trump made his case in his address to Latinos for Trump, the group mobilizing to reinstate what it views as a prosperity-inducing administration. The coalition boasts around 1,200 volunteers throughout Arizona.

Amidst the anarchic unrest of the past few months, he praised the contributions and patriotism of the Hispanic community.

“Hispanic Americans strengthen our nation beyond description. You protect our nation as brave members of the military, as members of law enforcement – great, great members of law enforcement. You uplift the communities and promote our shared values of faith and family, community, hard work, and patriotism.”

The President extolled the success delivered by his administration, specifically the lowest Hispanic American unemployment rate ever recorded, before “the China Virus” hit.

“[Y]ou’re an amazing group of people, and I love you, and we’re taking care of you, and I’m never letting you down,” he promised.

Cuore Rosso, a 39-year-old Latina woman, manager at a California chemical company, and a passionate Trump supporter, describes how crucial his re-election is to protect the America she embraced as an immigrant.

“I left Argentina when the taste of socialism got bitter. Latinos come to the US because it is the Dream Land, the Land of Opportunities. We know what neo-Communism/Socialism looks like, we know about social policies that kill the medium class, and we also know about corruption in law enforcement. Donald J. Trump shares the values of the Hispanic community: God, family, education, and justice, among others. When in Argentina, I remember thinking, “how respected the police is in the US.” The radical left turned that down for us. The radical-left media made us, Latinos, believe that building a wall was an act of hate, when in reality, it is to protect our country. The country that welcomed us all. We need Donald J. Trump to win this election, so we can get our America back. I will stand for him.”

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