Trump Vindicated: WaPO Columnist Admits Post, Media Got Trump-Russia Collusion Wrong

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Jeffrey Lord

The Washington Post (and The New York Times) won Pulitzer Prizes for their reporting that insisted the Trump-Russia collusion fairytale was real.

The headline on the front page of The New York Post captured the story about The Washington Post exactly:

WaPo’s own media critic calls out WaPo, Buzzfeed: Back up Steele dossier reporting or retract it Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple wrote Monday that the indictment of Igor Danchenko is “bad news” for several media outlets.

The essence?

From the beginning of the Trump administration, The Washington Post – not to mention other media outlets with names like The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC – was running stories about supposed “sources” deep inside Russia that had all sorts of info that Donald Trump was an ally of Russia if not a Russian agent himself.

Now, finally, the work of Special Counsel John Durham is bringing indictments. And, as The Washington Post’s own media critic Erik Wemple now acknowledges, the truth of the newest indictment has shredded the credibility of his own paper and all those other media outlets who relentlessly pushed the fraud of Trump-Russia collusion.

Writes Wemple of the indictment:

“It charges Igor Danchenko, the dossier’s primary intelligence collector, with making false statements to the FBI about his interactions with sources consulted for the dossier. Danchenko isn’t a deep-cover type; he’s a Russian national living in the United States and a former Brookings Institution analyst who “focused on analyzing business and political risks in Russia,” as the New York Times put it.”

He ends by saying this of his paper’s false stories: “A reckoning is years overdue.”

In other words, as these indictments roll out, it is clearer and clearer that the entire Trump-Russia collusion story was phony from start to finish. It was propagated by Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton loyalists – and funded as well. And hating Trump, the media swallowed the lies hook, line and sinker, leaving their credibility trashed.


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