Truth Be Told Podcast: “Predictions 2023” December 31, 2022

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The Right Wire Report presents the Truth Be Told Podcast with Bekah Lyons. The Truth Be Told Podcast discusses the important political and cultural issues of the week and provides analysis that will give a different perspective and how these stories will affect us all in the near future. Now, wake up and start acting. The topical notes for this December 31, 2022, “Predictions 2023” episode include:

The need for elites to control movement:

  • Covid, Pandemics, and Lockdowns (Bekah) – Let’s flashback to my 2022 prediction “The pandemic becomes endemic, and the new normal will be 4- 6 Covid-related vaccines annually (boosters). Living with Covid as a seasonal influenza-type occurrence that can still spike on cue requiring draconian measures, will become the political narrative. The Great Reset globalists will make their final move once the majority of citizens are demoralized, beaten down, exhausted, and beg for the chains that will bind them for a sense of stability. The remaining minority will continue to drive the red pill messaging and, if successful, will lead to monumental regime changes globally by 2024.

If this power reversal comes to fruition, the world will witness a second Nuremberg-modeled World Court convening on Crimes Against Humanity. If the majority continue to capitulate to authoritarian regimes, it will usher in decades of global slavery to the state and loss of both the sovereign human and country.”
Well, we now know who won round 1, authoritarian regimes have been installed, and freedoms and human rights are rapidly being oppressed.

Now comes the high rates of disease and death. The phrase “people are dropping like flies” will have a poignant meaning for far too many in 2023. There will be an overall increase in Western countries of sudden death from no known disease process by 15-18% between the ages of birth to 45 and an increase of 12-15% in miscarriages and stillborns. These numbers will rise as more boosters are given, and immunity wanes. Autoimmune illness, cancer rates, and vascular incidents will continue to rise. “The walking wounded” will become the norm as long-term vax injury or long covid will become evident.

There will be increased censorship of the above stats, and the WHO pandemic peace treaty will become, in some form, legislated law in Western countries. This will start in 2023 and will, in a few tears, link all of our health regulations and services under one universal global body.

  • Climate lockdowns (Tom) – as the push for climate change remedies accelerates, many countries, starting in Europe, will implement various mechanisms to lockdown people’s movements. It will be a hidden mechanism used to stop the rising populous unrest as the global elites accelerate their move toward centralized tyrannical technocratic dictatorships. These will start with restrictions with heavy taxes to enter city centers and then restrict movements between countries and even regions within countries. They are already beginning to occur – see here and here.

The need for elites to control communication:

  • Global internet bill of rights (Tom) – under the guise of protecting the people from misinformation, and via a new UN initiative, a global internet bill of rights will be signed amongst major countries. It will include strict censorship and other technical regulations for social media platforms, discussion forums, and alternative news websites. This may include the licensing of website domain names and discussion forums. In short, elites must control the movement and communication abilities of the populous to achieve their global utopia. The rollout of the global internet bill of rights shortly follows. This has already been a long dream of many elites – see here.
  • The massive expansion of the Technocratic Authoritative Surveillance state will be on steroids in 2023 (Bekah) – Facial recognition, social credit scores, energy meters, geofencing, data mining, financial controls, and direct thought crime surveillance will flood the zone. The First Amendment will be ratified by restricting political speech, and the second amendment will be dramatically altered as well. Physical lockdowns or containment of movement will become routine.


  • Economic Uncertainty and Chaos Continues (Bekah) – there will be no fed pivot yet, or over the first six months of 2023 at least – the pivot has stalled and is delayed. Expect a hard landing for the economy for Q1/Q2 and perhaps into Q3, driven by inflation sticking around and prohibiting the Fed from significant rate cuts. Look for a precipitous drop in consumer demand not just on home shores but worldwide, a loss in corp earnings will follow, and job losses by Q3 will dwarf the height of the 2008 recession ( 3.5 million). Unemployment will tick up to between 5 – 6 % by Q3, and stagflation will become the new buzzword. A third of the world’s economy will contract in 2023, with the world’s largest economies – the US, China, and the euro area, contracting or stalling, throwing us all into a deep global recession. The risk of a Global depression is high, and contagion is a national security threat.

Food costs will increase by as much as 25% more, and gas will dip to $ 3 80 -ish until Mid Q2 when it climbs back up to hover around 4.25 a gallon. Gold will hit 2300 by year’s end, and Crypto will continue downward. The stock market has not found its floor, and a combo of crumbling economic pilings and unforeseen events will result in a brief free-fall dipping down to 19k territory and then stabilizing around 27k. Those bullish on bonds may be shocked after a modest increase by the end of 2023, and bonds will be back down below the current rate.

In real estate, with interest rates going up while economic activity plummets, the property value will follow. Expect another 26%, possibly as high as 30% off the high, by the end of Q2. Mortgage interest rates will continue to climb between 7.5%-9% for a 30 yr fixed and, by the end of 2023, will be hovering around 10%. The real estate market will remain depressed throughout 2023 and will not rebound.

This is the year the dollar gets dethroned or watered down to the same effect. OPEC+  and Chindia walk out of the IMF, agree to trade with new reserve asset.” BRICS expands, and a parallel currency takes hold.

Global Governments and US will try to force stimulus early around March, but there will be no political appetite to do so. However, by Q4, the economy will be in such a collapse that stimulus will pass but be totally ineffective. Inflation will continue into 2024. Some countries will implement price controls to cap official inflation.

The traditional 60/40 allocation investment portfolio is no longer relevant. Why? Because of the dynamics of supply and demand, hyper-financialization, hyper-globalization, and low-cost, abundant energy – are no longer drivers. Prepare to lose another 25% in addition to what was lost in 2022 of your investment value. I don’t give financial advice, but if there were any year you should pay a qualified financial expert to navigate – it would be this one. I will advise you to get more liquid and pay off as much or all debt now. Prep to be as self-sufficient ( 12 months at least) as possible for your circumstances. And shore up your support systems and build relationships locally, including Sheriffs/US Marshals.

  • Economic crash up (Tom) – the Fed perhaps has already made a pivot. The Fed’s recent interest rate hike will stall in Q1 and begin to reverse, falling far below where they are at today, in order to save the global economy from a deep recession. Central bank stimulus (lower rates and an expanded QE in the form of direct payments to people) and government fiscal stimulus will come quickly in the second half of 2023. This will cause inflation to re-emerge at rates twice what we saw in 2022. We could also see stock markets hit new highs and a return to an accelerated real estate market.

However, expanding the money supply will only make the rich richer and the poor poorer. The average middle-class person is set to lose as much as 50% of their wealth through this hyperinflationary process. Get ready for your $5,000 stimulus payment to be paid out under various mechanisms and conditions.

  • CBDCs and Digital IDs (Bekah) – CBDCs and a Digital ID will become a fixed reality by the end of Q4 in all Western countries as transition dates are legislated.

CBDCs and Digital IDs rollout (Tom) – As part of a CBDCs and a Digital ID rollout, which is currently scheduled to be rolled out by 2025 in many countries, many of the implementations will be sped up in 2023. The government stimulus payments mentioned before will come in the form of CBDCs, with your Digital ID, and will come with a “kill switch” to ensure you conform to correct behavior. These will be required in order to receive any government economic stimulus – learn more here.

Continuing with the theme of controlling the movement of people, the Digital ID will be required for entry into many areas – private and public. Here is one example of potential use at a grocery store to protect the store and customers from the crime wave that has reached pandemic levels. The point is that CBDCs and Digital IDs will have an accelerated rollout in 2023 and be cheered on by the people because of perceived protections and to gain privilege.

Global leaders:

  • Putin’s winter offensive (Bekah) – is about to hit a fever pitch with brutal devastation and death in its path. Belarus will join the war fighting with Russia and Poland, and Hungary will make a move to occupy western regions of the formerly existing Ukraine. Biden will not make good on Patriot Missiles, and The US may use Poland as a Proxy war as it becomes apparent that Ukraine has lost all footing and Putin is not holding a bluffing hand. Zelensky will finally get to the table by April, and a cease-fire will commence. The war in Ukraine will fade or become dormant by mid-summer, with no clear winner. Both sides will agree to stop fighting and make concessions. If Putin is taken out – expect no peace treaty, and Zelensky will flee the country for safety. WW3 with American troops in the air over Russia and eventually war with China. Zelensky is nominated for and wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

Putin will not voluntarily leave office. He leaves only by natural death or unnatural death. If either happens, the vacuum will be filled with a far more dangerous faction whose leader would not hesitate to wipe Ukraine off the map, nuclear or otherwise. And would seek revenge on European and United States through cyber attacks or EMP or worse.

Putin leaves office in Russia (Tom) – this may come from a health or more nefarious means. The West will cheer his demise and try to replace Putin with a pro-Western puppet with little success. Russia descends into factional areas where oligarchs and generals control different regions of Russia. The control of Russia’s 6000+ nukes becomes highly problematic – with a potential regional nuclear event occurring. This will cause Europe to begin to re-arm – a dream long sought after. The West will use this event to accelerate their moves to restrict the populous’ freedoms of movement and communication. In any case, we are looking at war without end in eastern Europe, where the global military-industrial complex will make fortunes. The Doomsday clock advances to 50 seconds before midnight from 100 seconds today.

  • China’s house of cards (Tom) – as the global economy wavers, China’s weakened Western customers cause the house of cards that many have previously predicted in China to crumble – see here. However, President Xi will maintain firm control over its population, though he will become even more tyrannical. China will continue to pressure Taiwan to reunite with the mainland. Out of fear of a Chinese attack and a world that is increasingly destabilized, they enter into negotiations and arrive at a Hong Kong-like deal, and surrender accordingly.

China (Bekah) – India border conflicts continue; both possess the nuclear capability, so powder keg. BRICS may help keep that fuse from being lit. Concerning Taiwan: China takes it. No need for full-on military action as Biden’s regime leaves Taiwan hanging, and they will negotiate a Hong Kong-like deal to survive.

  • France’s Macron (Bekah) – due to the political stalemate in France, the rise of civil unrest, and Marie Le Pen’s coalition since the 2022 elections, President Macron resigned in 2023.
  • Turkey (Bekah) – as the Ottoman Empire marks its 100th birthday in 2023, Turkey’s authoritarian president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, will lose the election in June. If he steals it, he will be removed one way or another. The economy, as well as concerns over corruption and institutional integrity, are in play.
  • Brazil (Bekah) – will seat LuLu as the next president, but he will be out of office within 90 days, and a new election will be called, resulting in a Bolsonaro overwhelming victory.
  • Eurasian wars expand – (Tom) beyond Ukraine into both eastern and inside Russia. This will include linking with various allies and enemies in the Middle East.
  • The King of England (Bekah) –  who is 74, is experiencing debilitating health problems or possibly death, will force William to the throne early.
  • A new unification Pope (Tom) – Pope Francis will either resign or pass away naturally. A new Pope will be named that may come from outside its traditional ranks. The new Pope will be a unification Pope that will unite Christians, Muslims, Jews, Orthodox, and others under a new global religion – something already discussed amongst religious leaders. Many will cheer this event, along with the propaganda from the elites, as a way to resolve many of the ongoing geopolitical issues that the world will be embroiled with.

The last Pope? (Bekah) – In 2023 will see the new and last Pope. This Pope will seek to unite Christians, Muslims, Jews, Orthodox, and others under a new global religion which will create a fracturing within Christianity, eventually leading to a religious war of wars in the years that follow if this new Pope succeeds at his goal.

Wars and civil unrest:

  • Shifting hegemony (Bekah) – China, India, and Saudi Arabia rise and strengthen their positions on the geopolitical chess board with China on the throne for the moment. US, EU nations, and Australia take a back seat. The EU is in the process of creating an EU-standing military.
  • Iran and Israel War (Bekah) – is at a high possibility, 75%. When a full-blown war between Iran and Israel finally starts, neither side will hold back. This could very well be the most devastating event that will shock the world in death and carnage. The global oil trade will be thrown into a state of complete and utter chaos. One wild card is an effective revolution inside Iran by the youth who do not want war and are fighting for their rights. No doubt Israel has been assisting this counter-revolution, but it will also require the US state dept., so good luck with that.
  • War in the Balkans (Bekah) – with a fragile peace in Kosovo, ethnic tensions have risen to the highest level in more than two decades, and the president of Serbia just convened an emergency gathering of his national security council.
  • Major infrastructure attacks (Tom) – are hardly new – see here. So, predicting a major infrastructure attack is not shocking. However, the scale will be amplified and may come as a series of events. Seeing entire regions, like the entire eastern seaboard of America, lose power for several days, or even the internet going down on a rolling basis could occur. Knowing how vulnerable our culture is, the attacks will spark riots and crime waves, sending many into a state of chaos. More concerning is the source of the attacks that will be hard to discover – foreign or even internal via dark or rouge elements of our governments.
  • Major assassinations (Bekah) – in 2023, we will see at least one prominent world leader assassinated while in office.

Assassinations (Tom) – could erupt as the tool of choice by activists looking to get violent. Besides, free speech is all but gone, and hence this tactic is inevitable. A mix of old and new technologies will be used. Targets hit will be major influencers (and some minor softer targets) in entertainment, academia, politics, and business. Here is just one example (Elon Musk) of an elite beginning to understand this phenomenon.

Perpetrators could come from all sides of the political spectrum, various actors, and even dark or rouge elements of governments. It becomes part of a new modern warfare, where those who even try to poke their head above water to make a difference could suffer. See here (Andrew Tate) what happens when one goes against the desired narrative (the three lives: canceled, arrested, and then killed).

  • BLM-like riots return (Tom) – after the recent push for reparations in California, look for a hot summer of “peaceful” protest on a similar or greater scale as the BLM riots of 2020. There have already been threats of a “serious backlash” if the reparations are not paid. An event or even a false flag event will occur to spark the protests – amplified by the propaganda media.

Driven by the insanity of the culture wars, crime continues to rise sharply in major metropolitan areas, sparking continued migration of those trying to escape the carnage to the countryside.

  • The emerging energy crisis (Bekah) –  starvation and civil unrest will result in the world’s richest announcing an R&D project of a size the world hasn’t seen since the Manhattan Project to address mankind’s pressing issues. The only question is will this be within the auspices of the WEF and Great Reset umbrella or rogue and outside that sphere of influence?

American politics (Bekah):

  • Biden announces (Bekah) – in 2023, he is seeking a second term, but by Jan 2024 has either passed away, announces he is resigning due to health issues, announces he will not seek office second term after all due to health issues, or is impeached.

Biden packs the court, and the filibuster ends (Tom) – the health of Biden is in great question, but with modern medicine, he lives on, though he will not run in 2024 for the US presidency. However, he has a gift for America. He will move to pack SCOTUS with an additional four justices. The Senate will remove the filibuster rule to ensure all the political changes of the elites can be implemented.

  • Trump is not going anywhere (Bekah) – and neither is MAGA. The Republican front-runner for 2024  in 2023 will be Donald Trump, and for the Democrats in 2023, it will be Biden. As stated, Biden will not be in the race in 2024, most likely Gavin Newsom or Mayor Pete. Trump will run even if indicted. Trump does not win 2024 as a Republican. His only possible path is as an Independent, either in the GOP lane or as a third-party. Trump maintains the power to make another kingmaker if he chooses. If he chooses, that person should be Desantis.

No matter what Trump does, there will be a third-party ticket in the 2024 race, with most likely Tusli Gabbard and Joe Manchin. Joe Manchin announces he is leaving the Democrat party and will become an independent. Kamala Harris will resign by the end of 2023, and the front-runner for 2024 will be named VP and assume the presidency once Biden exits in 2024.

The Democrat party move to kill the filibuster and implement the defacto end to the electoral college. In an end-run amendment, they will expand election commission powers and such – see here.

Supreme Court will strike down Grutter v. Bollinger ending affirmative action as we know it in 2023. But Universities will find a way around this to promote equity and diversity dogma and continue the discrimination.

  • Trump and the MAGA movement (Tom) – have been defeated by the deepstate machine. The Republican party takes its seat along with the Democrats in a solidified uni-party. Whether Trump gets prosecuted over the false allegations he has been charged with is rather immaterial at this point – Trump fades into obscurity. Though a few MAGA folks fight on with dreams of a third-party, the unfortunate reality is that many of the MAGA folks become despondent and apathetic, as they will not be able to unite due to internal squabbles and mismanagement. Both Democrat and Republican parties will have wide-open primaries as they start the primary season in late 2023. However, a technocratic new leader will be chosen from the ranks of the uni-party.

McCarthy loses the speaker role in favor of a compromise Democrat-Republican establishment candidate. Through resignations and scandal, Democrats take back the House.


  • A new global energy system is emerging (Bekah) – The European Union implements the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRSs) for large public-interest companies with more than 500 employees, and the Biden administration attempts the same but fails. The Great Reset will continue implementing net zero emissions reducing nitrogen pollution across countries resulting in more food scarcity and civil unrest. Climate lockdowns will be used to control population movement, and engineered fuel scarcity will continue to crush economies. The most negatively impacted by the Green energy economy are people of color on the continent of Africa, blocking modern infrastructure, improved quality of life, and economic growth.
  • Build back Better (Bekah) – has found a roadblock in Mexico. Mexico has the least to gain from the economics behind the climate change agenda. Conversely, if Mexico were to go rogue, it would gain the most. This places Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador (AMLO) in a strong negotiating position. AMLO is using the western energy transition to keep himself in a position of economic strength. In order to pull AMLO into the western climate change energy program, Biden and Trudeau will have to bribe him with major economic incentives, essentially promises and economic outcomes to close the wealth gap. They sell out for a sweetheart deal.
  • New lab-created virus (Bekah) – a possible new lab-created virus may emerge, but more likely the re-emergence of an ancient strain of smallpox or any number of dormant plagues. This happens as many in our culture’s immunity systems have been broken down by the results of the spike proteins in the mRNA vaccines, and that creates devastating death tolls in the out years to come. By the end of 2023, the level of civil unrest brought about by those who are red-pilled about mRNA vaccines and government officials, big pharma, and politicians’ complicity will demand accountability, legally or otherwise. There is also a high degree of possibility we have a bioweapon attack or a small tactile nuke attack somewhere in the world. There will be a designation of blood donors as vaxxed and unvaxxed, resulting in a new economic incentive to donate unvaxxed blood and organs.

New virus pandemic (Tom) – no, not another human covid-19 as we just experienced. This time it will infect animals or perhaps plants – see here a prelude to this event. Like covid-19, it was engineered in the laboratory as a bio-weapon. The virus will threaten the global food supply. Human lockdowns may still be in order at regional levels to ensure humans do not spread the virus further via their movements.

  • UFO psyop attack (Tom) – new evidence will emerge, giving life to the idea that we are not alone in the universe. However, it is a mere psyop amongst global actors to create chaos and a need to defend the planet from potential doom. This will spark space forces globally to request billions to defend planet earth. It will also play into the need to control the populous (movement and communications) for our greater good – another win for the global military-industrial complex.
  • Business trends (Bekah) – Netflix merges with another company to stay competitive. Substack launches an ad network, and as a result, we’ll see many renowned journalists leave traditional newspapers. A 4-day work week and expanded remote working will roll out in 2023 and become standard by the end of the year.

Billions of dollars of new investment commitments will be announced to build chip manufacturing facilities in the United States as the US makes contingency plans for Taiwan. Artificial intelligence, like human intelligence, depends upon both software and hardware. Certain types of advanced semiconductors are essential to power modern AI. Quantum encryption will become a reality.

Monopolies grow (Tom) – with additional M&A activity that will further squeeze small to mid-range companies. This will have the effect of reducing GDP growth, productivity, and innovation, adding to the growing stagnant economy. The military-industrial complex and pharma biotech gain market dominance.

  • Business leaders (Bekah): Jeff Bezos sells Washington Post. Elon Musk’s – wealth increases in 2023, and Twitter expands and makes money. Tesla survives, and Neurolink goes live. Musk should be the one who gets the Nobel Peace Prize, but he does not.

Elon Musk (Tom) – and other right-leaning independent business leaders will be purged from the business environment, where they and their businesses will suffer accordingly.

  • Medical breakthroughs (Bekah) – in ALS, Alzheimer’s, and obesity will emerge. Modifying genes to renew youthful versions of our body capabilities becomes on the cusp of possible. Nanobot technology will revolutionize human disease.

Life extension drugs invented (Tom) – have we found the fountain of youth? A new breakthrough science that could extend lives by 10-20% will be announced. Indeed, a pharmaceutical money train, as the cost of these new drugs will be initially cost prohibitive for most – only the top 20-30% of our social-economic classes. Later available to all – as people scramble to get these new drugs. However, like covid vaccines, rumors will abound that, in fact, they may yet be another bio-weapon of some sort. The life-extension drugs were initially placebos. Later versions of the drugs given to the masses contain a mechanism to eliminate the unproductive or even racial classes.

  • Natural disasters (Bekah) – An 7.5 magnitude or greater earthquake in a heavily populated region somewhere in the world in 2023, giving more than a 50% chance it is California. The Earth’s magnetic field is rapidly getting weaker (magnetosphere), and a Carrington event is possible (coronal mass ejection causes Intense geomagnetic storms). An asteroid hits the Earth, resulting in a minimum-size crater that alters all life and geographical forms within the strike field. This will also be a result of the first time man implemented space technology to avert a larger asteroid from impact, and the smaller segment is what creates a crater.

A devastating solar storm, increase activity within the ring of fire, and more intense earthquake activity. Acoustic earthquake shields are to be developed to protect cities from earthquakes.

  • Rebuilding the traditional family and local communities (Tom/Bekah) – though these 2023 predictions may sound dark, a few, perhaps only 20 to 30% of the population, will begin to rekindle their spirits locally toward a better world after the unfortunate dystopian “Great Reset” of sorts. These folks become the hope of a better world tomorrow.
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