Truth-Seeking Americans Have the Moral High Ground

The Epoch Times
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When communists such as Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, or Vladimir Lenin overthrew governments in order to impose totalitarian control, they were always in the minority.

These days in the United States, in the name of “progress,” a radical leftist minority has come to largely control our academia, how we communicate online, how most of the news we see on television and read in newspapers is reported, and even how we are governed. Much of this is because of influence from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) behind the scenes.

This radical leftist minority seeks to project that its worldview is dominant and that no other voices or ideas are valid.

It readily attacks kind Americans who believe in tradition and God—making them feel like they are in the minority.

The reality is that truth-seeking Americans who value their traditions are not only the majority, but also have the moral high ground. They do not resort to violence, but rather seek facts in pursuit of justice.

We see this playing out now, where, amid credible allegations of voter fraud, these Americans seek due process and the uncovering of fact and truth.

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