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Each state has a different plan — and different challenges — in distributing vaccines. Learn more about who is getting vaccinated by parsing the data by age, sex and race.

What’s the nation’s progress on vaccinations? 

At least 262,908,216 people or 79% of the population have received at least one dose.

Overall, 224,113,439 people or 68% of the population are considered fully vaccinated.

Additionally, 108,806,974 people or 33% of the population have received a booster dose.

In the US, 871,852,135 doses have been distributed so far, with 72% or 627,854,963 of the doses used.

How do COVID-19 vaccinations differ by sex?

What percentage of people in each age range received the COVID-19 vaccine?

What percentage of people in each race or ethnic group received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Compare states’ vaccination progress or select a state to see detailed information

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