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April Moss: Welcome to Facts With April Moss. We’re doing a little bit of a extra interview here with pilot Josh Yoder and we’re going to talk about the recent decisions by the FAA and also a letter that was submitted to put these airlines on notice and this was submitted just about a week ago from attorneys Leigh Dundas and also signed by Dr. McCullough, a renown cardiologist an epidemiologist, and Josh, thank you for joining me today to explain to us what this means by the airline pilots and everybody on the staff of the FAA being put on notice here with this document.

Joshua Yodes: Sure, about a week ago at Turning Point USA, specifically at America Fest, Leigh Dundas and two vaccine injured pilots, they came out and did a press conference. There’s, there’s two pilots, Cody Flint and Greg Pearson. Greg Pearson is a major airline captain, Cody Flint is an agricultural pilot out of, out of Mississippi, and they’re raising the alarm. They’re saying that, you know, pilots taking these vaccines are no longer safe, their words not mine. And Leigh Dundas and Dr. McCullough, Dr. Theresa Long, various other people have have signed this letter, and they pointed out that in Pfizer’s own documents, now they say that the side effects of these vaccines are myocarditis, pericarditis, stroke, blood clots, heart attack and which can all lead to sudden death. And they believe very strongly that pilots should not be taking these vaccines. You know, per Pfizer’s own document here. So, essentially what’s happened at the FAA, it’s completely unprecedented that they have ever allowed pilots to take an experimental, experimental medication like this in mass. There are zero long-term safety studies that have ever been completed on this vaccine. We don’t know, we don’t know what’s going to happen down the road. But what we are seeing is a massive uptick in blood clots and strokes and Myocarditis, specifically. I hear from from pilots frequently that are losing their medicals, and like I said previously, we represent twenty six airlines, that’s, that’s a lot of pilots and flight attendants that I hear from. And I can tell you that, you know, just, just recently, as recently as the past few days, there have been multiple medical divergence within the airline industry, one for a heart attack that I’m aware of specifically, and another one, I believe it was an American Airlines pilot last week, actually suffered a stroke while in cruise.

Airline Safety Compromised By COVID-19 Vaccinations

April Moss: Oh, wow, really, okay!

Joshua Yodes: While in cruise, Yeah. This was a letter that that came out them from a union. I are actually read the letter. So now they’re not necessarily associating this with the vaccination programs at the airlines and the FAA are participating in, but I think that we can deduct from looking at Pfizer’s documents you know, these are the types of adverse reactions that that Pfizer has listed as side effects. And so when you have pilots you are already susceptible to blood clots just due to the effective of altitude and sitting for long periods of time, and then you put these shots on top of it, you know, that they’re going to increase those chances. I believe that the Russian, I believe that the FAA and the companies are playing Russian roulette here. You know, like I said, its its own press, there been no studies done. The FAA has had a long, a long history of safety up until 2018. I’m sure everyone remembers the scandal of the 737 Max where they prematurely certified an aircraft and it ended up taking the lives of nearly 400 people. I believe what you see unfolding here is a scandal of of epic proportions, you know. I don’t believe, personally, I know Leigh Dundas and Dr. McCullough make the point that they don’t, they don’t believe the FAA even followed their own rulemaking process, you know, in the approval. They probably got a call from DC and they rubber-stamp this, you know, they allowed the companies to mandate it. I can’t even take benign medications and go fly. I can’t take NyQuil or I can’t take Zyrtec and go fly, and yet they want me to inject myself with an experimental medication that does not even have FDA approval. Contrary to popular belief, people believe that Pfizer has been approved. This is blatantly false. There’s a federal judge in Florida who ruled that Pfizer and Comirnaty are not legally interchangeable. So, what the FAA and the companies are doing here is they’re, they’re forcing pilots to take something that can potentially, very adversely, affect their health and their, and it doesn’t seem like, like their focus is where it should, be which is, you know, Safety first. And we haven’t seen a single rapid, you know, rapid death from COVID, however from these vaccines we have seen that happen, and it’s, not a pleasant thought to think that, you know, this can happen to pilot in flight.

April Moss: No, you’re exactly right, and, you know, the latest data that just came out of the open VAERS website as of December 15th stated that 20,000 deaths have occurred just in the last several weeks, okay, from this vaccine. So, the idea that you’re going to put hundreds of people onto a plane and how the, you know, like you said Russian Roulette, a likelihood that with all of the conditions with flying could occur for a pilot, even if the plane is mostly controlled or in cruise for most of the right, you still need to land that plane. And, you know, if one of the pilots is out, is it only a matter of time before it happens to both pilots, I mean, we’re literally putting people’s lives on the line every time they get into an airplane, and sadly people don’t know what a pilot is vaccinated or not, right, you know, so its a very scary thing. 

Joshua Yodes: Don’t take it from me. You know, you should speak to, to Greg Pearson, whose a major airline captain or Cody Flint. They’ll both tell you their stories. I’ll just give you a brief synopsis of their stories. So, Greg, Greg he specifically said he got the second, it was actually shot and he went to bed and within hours he was experiencing a major cardiac event and believe he said at the press conference something along the lines of, if I was at the controls of my aircraft three hundred feet above the runway on landing and I experienced those adverse reactions, there’s a real possibility that it could have caused, you know, you know, fatalities. And, and that Cody Flint, very similar story, and he’s agricultural pilot so he’s flying in a single-seat aircraft, there’s no other pilot there, and he describes what, what, what sounded like a bomb going off in his head and he ultimately lost consciousness, does not remember landing his aircraft.

April Moss: Hmmm.

Joshua Yodes: So, these aren’t, you know were not raising the, the alarm for no reason. This is actually happening, and there’s many other pilots light Greg and Cody, who are just not speaking out. I speak to them privately, you know, but they’re, people are afraid to speak out, and I give so much credit to Greg and Cody for doing what they’re doing, because they’re making the flying public aware of was actually happening, not what the companies and the Union and the FAA are telling you, what’s happening. There saying listen this happen to me and it’s happening to other pilots. Both of them are aware of other pilots in the exact same situation and that’s why we’re raising the alarm. That’s why Leigh Dundas and Dr. McCullough and these other doctors and lawyers are doing. What they’re doing, putting the FAA and these companies on notice, you know. That letter, I believe, was delivered to all the major airlines, the FAA, Department of Transportation and there may have been a few other recipients as well. They can now no longer say we didn’t know.

April Moss: Exactly right.

Joshua Yodes: So if and when a fatal crash does occur, it’s going to be devastating for whichever company that happens to, and the FAA will have a lot to answer for.

April Moss: Josh, thank you so much for bringing all of this to light and a certainly were appreciative of what everybody is doing to try to get the truth out to the people about what’s going on, and we thank you so much for your time today.

Joshua Yodes: You’re welcome and before I go I would like to give people an action item. So if this concerns, understand that this letter was delivered to the airlines, and the FAA. But, they’re going to try to cover it up, I can assure you this is not information they want getting out there, but if people would like to do something and demand answers from the FAA you can call them. So I’m going to give you a number here, the number is 866-835-5322, 866-835-5322. Call the FAA, call the airlines and demand an answer to Leigh Dundas’ letter. The flying public deserves to know what’s going on and they, they deserve to have the FAA address this,

April Moss: You’re exactly right, Josh, yep. We’re, I’m going to, when we get off the line here, I’m going to make a phone call right away and I encourage everybody to do the same as well. Appreciate you so much.

Joshua Yodes: Absolutely, and April if you could post that letter on your website that would be very powerful. People should share this with everyone to make, make the public aware of what’s going on.

April Moss: It’s actually going to be right in the descriptions underneath this interview here (See Letter and PDF Below) and also if your listing on podcast form just click the more information underneath of today’s episode you’ll see the link to that letter. Thanks so much, Josh.

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The Federal Aviation Administration is putting both Pilots AND the General Public at Risk by Forcing Vaccine Mandates!

Dec 15, 2021
7:10 PM
Pacific Standard Time

(1) Notice to FAA That Pilots Are Operating Commercial Aircraft in Contravention of Do-Not-Fly Regulations -Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations §61.53 (also known as Federal Aviation Regulation 61.53) and Associated Guidance – Which Disallow Medical Clearance of Pilots Who Have Injected Non- FDA Approved Medical Products, such as COVID-19 Vaccinations;

(2) Notice to FAA That Pilots Have Suffered Death and Serious Injury Post-COVID-Vaccinations;

(3) Notice to FAA that Signors Are Aware That Complaints Were Made to FAA Concerning this Issue;

(4) Notice That Pilots Flying with Abnormal D-Dimer Values, Which Indicate Active Blood Clotting, Are at Elevated Risk for Pulmonary Embolism, Stroke, Arrhythmias, Cardiac Arrest & Death While In-Flight;

(5) Notice That Pilots Flying with Abnormal Troponin Values and/or New ECG Changes/Cardiac MRI Changes – Which Indicate Active Heart Damage and Possible Acute Myocarditis – Are at Elevated Risk for Arrhythmias, Cardiac Arrest, and Death While In-Flight;

(6) Given That Both the FAA & Commercial Airline Industry Appear to Have Violated Long-Standing CFR Regulations Which Disallow Medical Clearance of Pilots Who Have Received Non-FDA Approved Products – Lest “Aeromedically Significant Adverse Effects Manifest” – and Further Given the Wholesale Disregard of Evidence Indicating That Such Aeromedically Significant Effects Are In Fact Currently Occurring In Pilot Populations, Signors Hereto Request that the FAA Immediately Adopt a Proactive Screening Program Requiring All Vaccinated Pilots to Undergo Medical Re-Certification Within Four Weeks of the Date of this Letter to Include D-Dimer, Troponin and ECG Tests, as well as Cardiac MRis, and Medically Clear ONLY Vaccinated Pilots Who Can Show a Clean Bill of Health on ALL Tests;

(7) Notice to the FAA, All Commercial Airline Companies, and All Carriers Insuring Commercial Airlines That a Failure to Immediately Investigate this Issue, Correctly Apply Federal Do-Not-Fly Regulations – and Ground All Vaccinated Pilots Who Cannot Show Clean D-Dimer, Troponin, ECG and Cardiac MRI Tests – Could Lead to a Catastrophic Event Involving Mass Fatalities, Causing At-Fault Parties to Suffer Monetary Liability Potentially Extending to USD Hundreds of Millions.

~ Leigh Dundas

Formal Notice To The FAA Full Document PDF


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