Vaccine Injury Support Groups Facing ‘Disgusting’ Online Censorship

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Nick started a public vaccine injury support group on social media about a year ago after receiving his one and only Pfizer shot for COVID-19.

That was back in April 2021 and he began suffering almost immediate neurological reactions after the injection, including temporary paralysis.

“I’ve had my entire life shattered by this vaccine,” Nick said, asking that his last name not be used. “It took me about nine months to get to a doctor willing to help me. They throw you under the bus. They leave you for dead.”

Nick launched the vaccine injury support group hoping to find answers and share practical solutions to help others like himself deal with lasting physical effects associated with COVID injections.

The “absurd” part, he said, was the way that members used code to avoid being flagged or deleted. Words like “vaccine,” “injury,” and “Pfizer” had to be avoided.

“Basically, [Facebook has] filters set up. I’m at the point where I’m certain that the federal government and Big Tech, and Pfizer are all intertwined. It’s quite disgusting.”

“They’ll delete your account [and] ban you. So everybody has to talk in code. [Facebook] will flag the post, delete the post, and delete the group. You’re not allowed to ask for help. You have to spell it in weird words.

Like an ‘Underground Railroad’

“Yeah, it’s bad. It’s basically like an underground railroad. It’s absurd.”

Nick said he experienced similar censorship on Reddit, where “a sea of people with the same problem” came looking for help and guidance.

“It was terrifying—this is happening—some sort of vaccine reaction,” Nick said. “Reddit constantly deleted me just for asking for help.”

He recently received the following message: “Your account has been permanently suspended from Reddit.”

“This is what you get for asking for help. All communications lost with the people that I was helping,” Nick said.

By Allan Stein

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