Victor Davis Hanson: Trump—Symptom or Catalyst?

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Pepperdine School of Public Policy and The American Project, hosted a three-day conference in June 2018 entitled, “Toward a Conservatism of Connection: Reclaiming the American Project” which first examined the crisis in conversation with researchers, followed by a look at the “Conservatism of Connection” through the lenses of public policy, religious liberty, and foreign policy. Panelists included leading academics, pundits, and activists.

Session Description: Donald Trump saw many faults in the Republican Party as well as the nation at large. As a presidential candidate, he leveraged these flaws with new approaches to restoring America’s economic vitality and stature abroad, and by focusing on four signature issues—illegal immigration, globalization, trade, and optional foreign interventions. Positioning himself as an outsider without allegiance to past protocols, commitments, or even presidential comportment, he was seen by half the country as a powerful antidote to an otherwise toxic future. In a polarized nation, is Trump the cause or the result?

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart