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Are you sick of the establishment corporate media manipulating the truth in America? We are. The Benny Show is 100% INDEPENDENT and your source for breaking news and raw commentary. Benny Johnson is an award-winning storyteller who hits back in the culture wars. Benny has spent his entire life working at the center of the bare-knuckles brawl for the future of America and has the scars to prove it. Benny delivers cutting, behind-the-scenes insight into the global conflict for freedom in our time.

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Join Benny Johnson every Friday for Turning Point USA’s Benny On The Block as he travels the Nation to ask Americans to weigh in on the biggest topics of the week!

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About Benny Johnson

Benny Johnson is the Chief Creative Officer of Turning Point USA. He is obsessed with the intersection of politics, culture and the social web. He believes conservatives deserve a better class of internet and sets out day-to-day creating one. Often times, that involves cooking bacon on a machine gun and making some of the internets most hated videos. Benny has worked at the tip-of-the-spear in viral publishing. He has previously held the position of Viral Politics Editor at BuzzFeed, Viral Politics editor at TheBlaze, Digital Director of National Review; Creative Director of IJR. Previously, Benny served as a reporter for Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller. Benny joined the TPUSA family in 2019 and currently oversees the Productions Department. Benny is based in Washington D.C. and hails from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

About Turning Point USA

Turning Point USA is an American 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote freedom.

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