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This video playlist includes videos about Clinton and FBI Corruption. Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered his highly-anticipated report on Russian collusion in the 2016 election to the Justice department on Friday, March 22nd.

Video 1: Victor Davis Hanson – The Russia Collusion Hoax, A Retrospective

From American Thought Leaders, Hoover Institute historian Victor Davis Hanson provides a brilliant retrospective of the Russian Hoax, detailing the players, the playbook, the tactics and what could come next

Video 2: Deep State Double Standard – The Persecution of Roger Stone

The Mueller investigation doggedly persecutes Trump associates not over crimes associated with Russian collusion but rather those stimulated by his own inquisition. This analysis features Roger Stone, Trace Gallagher, Joe DiGenova, Shawn Hannity, Laura Ingram, Alan Dershowitz, Andy McCarthy, John Iannarelli, Dan Bongino, James Clapper, Jason Chavetz, Sol Wisenberg, Greg Jarrett, Victor Davis Hanson, Newt Gingrich.

Video 3: Tucker Carlson – FBI’s Trump Inquiry (Corruption@FBI19)

From Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker applies compelling reason to the allegations of Democrats and their media allies that Donald Trump is a Russian agent.

Video 4: Police State America – The Persecution of Michael Flynn

From Tucker Carlson Tonight, a look into the FBI’s dealings with General Michael Flynn. Is Michael Flynn guilty of colluding with Russia? Was he guilty of perjury? Or was he framed? Tucker Carlson, Joe DiGenova, Victor Davis Hanson.

Video 5: FBI & DOJ: The Chickens Will Come Home to Roost – Corruption@FBI 18

Former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova and former judge and prosecutor Jeanine Pirro explain why James Comey and his corrupt cronies are going down.

Video 6: A Kangaroo Court Called FISA – Corruption@FBI 17

We have now learned that the FISA Court is not a judicial review in any real sense but rather a glorified government rubber stamp. Jason Chaffetz, Tom Fitton, Gregg Jarrett, Lindsey Graham, Jim Jordan, Mike Huckabee.

Video 7: Carter Page – The Pretense to Spy on the Trump Campaign – Corruption@FBI 16

The Obama administration’s DOJ and FBI deployed a phony Clinton-DNC paid dossier as a pretense to spy on Page, the Trump campaign and then launch the Mueller probe

Video 8: The Bias of Peter Strzok – Corruption@FBI 15

An analysis of Peter Strzok’s appearance before the House Judiciary committee.

Video 9: Trey Gowdy – Inside the IG Report – Corruption@FBI 14

June 19, 2018: In a highly revealing sequence, Inspector General Michael Horowitz is grilled by Senator Trey Gowdy on his extensive report regarding corruption within the FBI.

Video 10: Tucker Carlson – Spy Games – Corruption@FBI 13

Now, we know the Obama FBI had implanted a spy within the Trump to deposit information that could later be used as a basis for investigation. Byron York, Joe DiGenova, Mollie Hemmingway, Sam Clovis, Tom Fitton.

Video 11: FBI as a Political Weapon – Corruption@FBI 12

Once a primary tool of justice, the FBI has now shown itself to be a weaponized political instrument, relentlessly harassing a series of political opponents. A look at the persecutions of Michael Cavuto, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Michael Cohen.

Video 12: The Real James Comey – Corruption@FBI 11

The fall from America’s top cop to America’s dirtiest cop. Everything you wanted to know about James Comey but were afraid to ask.

Video 13: Obama, The Media and Russia – A True Story of Collusion (Corruption@FBI 10)

There was a collusion conspiracy and President Obama’s fingerprints are all over it.

Video 14: The Andrew McCabe Firing – Corruption@FBI 9

From Tucker Carlson Tonight, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz joins Tucker to discuss whether FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s firing was justified or whether it is an attempt by the administration to obstruct justice.

Video 15: Mark Levin – Corruption@FBI 8

Mark Levin points the bony finger of blame at the Obama administration.

Video 16: Tucker Carlson – Corruption@FBI 7

From Tucker Carlson Tonight, the Nunes memo detailing how the FBI deployed a fake dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on an opposition presidential campaign is dissected and discussed by a series of legal experts with commentary by Tucker, Joe DiGenova, Jonathan Turley and Andrew Klavin.

Video 17: Devin Nunes – Corruption@FBI 6

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes explains the memo he released which details how a fake dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign was deployed by the FBI as a pretense to obtain permission to spy on the Trump campaign.

Video 18: The Fix Was In – Corruption@FBI 5

Congressman Trey Gowdy, former Federal Prosecutor Joe DiGenova, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law & Justice Jay Sekulow, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, Donald Trump Jr and others weigh in on recent revelations that the fix was in at FBI to deploy their powers for the purpose of clearing Hillary and vilifying the Trump campaign.

Video 19: Fox News Reports – Corruption@FBI 4

James Rosen, Bret Baier, Greg Jarrett, Tucker Carlson and others report on the credibility of the FBI investigation into Trump-Russia allegations is effected by conflicts of interests and double standards in play within the agency.

Video 20: Sean Hannity – Corruption@FBI 3

Sean Hannity breaks down the complicated saga of deep state lackeys within the Obama administration pulling out all the stops to insulate Hillary Clinton and damage Donald Trump.

Video 21: House Judiciary Hearing – Corruption@FBI 2

Although Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein was less than forthcoming, Representatives Jim Jordan and Trey Gowdy pose the questions that drive a Congressional investigation into FBI corruption.

Video 22: Tucker Carlson – Corruption@FBI 1

Evidence is mounting that the FBI is in reality a weaponized political force for the Deep State, not an impartial information-gathering law enforcement agency.

Video 23: The Clinton Foundation: Pay For Play

It is becoming clear why Hillary Clinton needed first to deploy a private server and then to delete subpoenaed emails.

Video 24: The Clinton Foundation: Emails, Lies and Incentives

More revealing emails on the Clinton’s foundation-state department operation. Like Comey and Lynch, a State Department spokesman again illustrates that government officials are unable to find what they are not willing to see, no matter how obvious. Catherine Herridge, Eric Bolling, Tom Fitton, Sean Spicer, Trey Gowdy, Megyn Kelly, Greg Gutfeld, Austan Goolsbee, Shannon Bream, Mark Toner, James Rosen, Jason Chaffetz

Video 25: Hillary’s Deception – The Trump-Russia Dossier

A collection of news clips that explain the issues surrounding the Trump-Russia dossier, a phony document fabricated by British intelligent agent Christopher Steele and funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign designed to slander her political opponent. The disinformation was then deployed by James Comey and the FBI to obtain warrants and push for an investigation of the new president.

Video 26: Pay to Play – Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation

In 2009, the Obama administration approved the transferred control of twenty percent of America’s uranium to Russian interests. This deal, which on the face seems contrary to national interest, is examined by focusing on the beneficiaries and following the money.

Video 27: Trey Gowdy – Comey’s Testimony Does Not Add Up

The FBI confirms that James Comey drafted his public statement about the results of the Hillary Clinton investigation months before it was completed. Dozens of witnesses had not yet been questioned, including Hillary herself.

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