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The Daily Signal’s This Just In and Media Misses are news and commentary shows with current and top news some which goes misreported by mainstream media.

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This Just In from The Daily Signal

This Just In from The Daily Signal is a quick-capture of critical stories happening right now. (57)

The Daily Signal Podcast

Your daily rundown of the day’s top news with Managing Editor Katrina Trinko and Commentary Editor Daniel Davis. They share the leading headlines, provide commentary on what’s important, and often invite Daily Signal news reporters or Heritage Foundation scholars to comment on the policy debates playing out in America. (142)

Media Misses from The Daily Signal

Media Misses from The Daily Signal is a news and commentary show that breaks down the top news stories of the week—many of which often go misreported by the mainstream media. (58)


The Daily Signal’s documentary series ‘Underreported’ shines a light on issues many Americans face that aren’t being reported by the mainstream media. (15)

About The Daily Signal

The Daily Signal believes that high-quality, credible news reporting on political and policy issues is of paramount importance to an informed and free society. The Daily Signal delivers investigative and feature reporting and the most important political news and commentary. The team is committed to truth and unmatched in knowledge of Washington’s politics and policy debates. We tell these stories in formats that respect your time and intelligence.

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