VIRTUAL EVENT: University Indoctrination: How it Started and How to Stop It

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The Heritage Foundation

American parents have unwittingly become the primary recruiters and funders of campus radicalization. Higher education today, as Professor John Ellis describes in his book The Breakdown of Higher Education, does not teach college and university students how to think, but rather what to think.

If you are increasingly frustrated over the political indoctrination at over-priced colleges and universities and believe Western Civilization’s classics are being canceled in favor of leftist grievance studies, tune in. Our experts will look at how colleges and universities in America reached this sorry state and provide strategies toward protecting professors, students, and parents who refuse to exchange freedom of speech and diversity of thought for the views of the “woke” mob.

Dr. Allen Guelzo, a renowned American historian, will moderate a discussion featuring Prof. John Ellis, a national expert on campus indoctrination, along with Anna Miller and Dr. Scott Yenor, authors of a new study entitled, Social Justice Ideology in Idaho Higher Education Universities: How activists infiltrate universities and use their power to indoctrinate students—and how to stop them.

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