Voter Fraud vs. Ballot Fraud

Col. Dave Lowry
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The term voter fraud is a misnomer. It implies that individual voters are the major cause of fraud. They’re not. In the past, individual voters have submitted fraudulent ballots of their dead family members. They have also registered to vote in more than one state. But the scope and magnitude of these fraudulent votes is not a huge problem. Statistically, fraud committed by individual voters is a minor problem.  Mail-in voting has increased this problem. Ballot harvesting is also problematic. But these instances of voter fraud are dwarfed by the scope of the real problem – ballot fraud committed by unscrupulous election officials. 

Ballot fraud, by comparison, has the scope and magnitude to change the outcome of an election. Massive ballot fraud happens when corrupt election officials at the county Supervisor of Elections offices commit fraud on a large scale. These election officials determine the fate of thousands of ballots and can easily sway the outcome of an election. Election officials have multiple sources of information that makes massive ballot fraud easy, like voter party affiliation. Election officials can fraudulently invalidate ballots sent in by voters from the other party.  They can invalidate ballots by fraudulently marking them late. That’s what happened to me in 2000 and I proved it. Broward County stole my vote in 2000, and Brenda Snipes helped cover it up

Retired U.S. Army Col. Dave Lowry claims Broward County stole his 2000 election absentee vote

County election officials also know which voters have voted. That’s useful information if you want to create fraudulent ballots. But when unscrupulous election officials are desperate and in a hurry, they don’t even worry about names. They can fill in thousands of blank ballots and mark one circle only for their favorite candidate. They don’t bother to fill in circles for any other candidates because that takes too much time. Then, they deliver these unsigned ballots, without envelopes, to their local county election offices in the dark of night.  Corrupt officials must keep observers at a distance though, so they can’t see what’s going on.

Corrupt officials have other simple ways to cover their tracks. Election officials can ensure that the ballot envelopes are permanently separated from their ballots or destroyed. This prevents future challenges to the counted ballots by destroying the evidence needed to challenge them (signatures, postmarks, etc.).

In order to uncover ballot fraud committed by county election officials, we must look very closely at voting patterns. We should look first in counties where the turnout exceeded the number of registered voters. That’s obvious fraud on a massive scale. Look next at counties where turnout increased dramatically. Turnouts above 90% are suspect – especially in counties where the voter rolls have not been cleaned for many years.  For example, if 12% of the voters on the county rolls are dead or have moved, 90% turnout is impossible.   

In counties where massive fraud is suspected, every voting machine that is tabulating ballots must be examined for patterns of fraud.  For example, if at 2am on November 4th, 40,000 ballots were counted in a row that all went for one candidate (especially if no votes for any other candidate on the ballot were cast), then you have an obvious case of ballot fraud. By closely examining voting patterns, it’s easy to uncover ballot fraud committed by election officials. 

To date, most of the courts cases thrown out were based on technicalities (timing, lack of standing). Meanwhile, actual mounting evidence of ballot fraud has not been closely examined all. Why? Because Democrats and the courts are resisting GOP efforts to conduct a thorough forensic examination of voting tabulation machines in Democrat controlled counties where it is believed massive ballot fraud occurred. Without a forensic examination of the voting machines, we’ll never know what really happened.  Democrat efforts to prevent the examination of these machines are shameless and reprehensible. Democrats know their illegal, massive and fraudulent ballot stuffing activities will be revealed if the voting machines are closely examined. 

Examination of these voting machines has become an imperative, especially if we want to restore faith and confidence in the American vote.  Trust in our voting system is one of the foundations of our republic. Cases of massive ballot fraud committed by county election officials must be exposed and prosecuted.

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