Jim Jeffords Redux?

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In early January, we’ll know the result of the elections in Georgia, which decide control of the Senate for the next two years.  But will it?  Here’s a nightmare scenario for Republicans. What happens if the GOP wins just one of the two seats and ends up in control of the Senate with a slim 51-49 margin? 

Are Democrats planning a January surprise?  In 2001, Republican Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont committed the ultimate act of betrayal by changing his party to Independent and caucusing with the Democrats. Jeffords slimy move turned over control of the Senate to Tom Daschle and the Democrats. Could we be looking at a Jim Jeffords redux? I sincerely hope not, but Democrats actions during the Trump administration, intended to undermine the Trump presidency at any cost, prove Democrats continue to operate under the ends justify the means credo.  Anything goes, and they are absolutely shameless about it. Schumer’s recent comments about Georgia are a case in point.  Schumer hopes to win in Georgia and “change America”.

If the GOP wins only one of the two Georgia Senate seats, it would only take one RINO to change parties, caucus with the Democrats, and give control of the Senate to Democrats with VP Harris as the deciding vote. The last four years are replete with examples of multiple RINOs voting key issues against their party. Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Mitt Romney immediately come to mind. How many other RINOs are currently engaged in back room deals to hand over control of the Senate to Democrats?

The truth is, even if the GOP wins both Georgia Senate seats, Democrats would only need two flipping RINOs to gain control of the Senate. Admittedly, this scenario is less likely, but if Republicans ignore this possibility, they are making a very dangerous mistake. Does anyone really believe that Chuck Schumer and other Senate Democrats have not had this conversation?

If the GOP fails to maintain control of the Senate, the Democrats openly plan to pursue Supreme Court packing, adding DC and Puerto Rico as states, and gun confiscation programs. The bill of rights will face a direct assault and Americans’ constitutional freedoms hang in the balance. 

Winning both Georgia seats is an imperative. One may not be enough. Georgia Republican voters must show up. If they don’t, Chuck Schumer and company will restart their nefarious plans to transform America into a socialist quagmire begun under the Obama administration with single payer healthcare. Big tech censorship of conservative views will continue unabated. We cannot afford to go there. What do Mitch McConnell and GOP Senate Republicans plan to do to keep these RINOs in the fold? If there is no plan, failure becomes a manifest certainty.

Meanwhile, nothing has changed in Georgia. The same corrupt mail-in ballot rules that appear to have handed Georgia to Biden are still in effect. We need poll watchers to engage in a full court press to ensure no more shenanigans are perpetrated against Georgia voters. Illegal votes must be invalidated. All legal votes must be counted.

By Colonel Dave Lowry

About Colonel Dave Lowry

Dave Lowry, a retired colonel, is a thirty-year Army veteran with two masters degrees. He lives in Northeast Florida.

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