Warriors for Ranchers Was Live on US-Mexico Border where People are being Trafficked into the U.S.

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Air Force Veteran Mike Miller and his Warriors For Ranchers focus on providing crisis relief to farmers and ranchers in Texas who are being impacted by the border crisis. They help with the financial costs of damages like rebuilding fences, paying deductibles, transportation of goods, equipment repair, and travel expenses. They work with local and state governments to speak on issues, to help pass bills, and to get information out to the public about this crisis so they can help fight for the American people.

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On May 26, 2021 Warriors for Ranchers was live on the US-Mexico Border where people are being trafficked into the United States. The cartels are being paid enormous amounts of money to bring people illegally into the U.S. and people, including children, are being abused all along the way. In this video you will see individuals who are leaving socialist Venezuela for freedom in America, while America is becoming more and more socialist under the Biden Regime. Most people, however, are coming to America for financial reasons not for political asylum. Everyone wants to live in America and yet the Biden Regime is transforming the U.S. into socialist Venezuela.

Take the time to scrub through the video. It is heartbreaking and what is happening on this border is inhumane as well as against U.S. Immigration law.

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart