Washington Is Threatened By You

Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene on War Room
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A rousing hour of commentary from America First Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene. The first segment kicks off with Conservative Inc. blowhard David Brooks telling “Morning Joe” about the “dangerous” trend of Trump supporters running for office and participating in democracy. Then host Steve Bannon opens up the mike for Greene, who is the Democrats’ worst nightmare. Watch all of these segments to hear a spirited defense of the MAGA movement and a demand for Republican leadership to either lead or get out of the way. (Hint: They won’t lead!)

Part 1: Washington Is Threatened By You

Part 2: Another Scam Of The Forever War Crowd

Part 3: GOP Reps Are Not The Fringe

Part 4: Mitch McConnell And 13 GOP Sellouts Voted To Bankrupt America

Part 5:  We’re No Longer A Small Government

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart