We Have to Protect Our Children!

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Sixty percent of our kids here in Colorado cannot read, write or do math at grade level. Instead of addressing that problem, far-left politicians in our state want to keep “problematic parents” out of the discussion and hide what it is our kids are really learning. Our state legislature just turned down transparency in schools, pushing union interests ahead of parents and teachers.

The time is now. I’m the Conservative Candidate Colorado has been waiting for. This is the year we give power back to the parents. I am a Mom on a Mission who has experience standing up for Colorado kids, and I will do it again as the next Governor of Colorado.

I know firsthand what it’s like for your kids to be taught inappropriate things without having a say. I’m a mother of four. Just a few years ago, when my twins were in the first grade, they came home and told me about a play they watched where the star character, a raven, was confused about whether he was a boy or a girl bird. They were also asked by teachers to tell their classmates if they were a “he, she or they.”  I was confused and outraged. When I, and several other parents, approached the school board, we were told parents were not allowed to opt out because it was woven into the curriculum. For speaking out, wewere labeled “problematic parents.”

Well, let me tell you, problematic parents are ready to be heard!When sixty percent of Colorado kids are not reading at grade level, don’t you think our first graders should focus on reading, writing and arithmetic rather than sex education?

I’m a strong believer that school choice will help solve the problem of what is being taught in our schools. If parents are not happy about what or how their kids are learning, they should be able to take the dollars allotted to teach their children and move them to a different public/charter school, micro school, home school, or private school of their choice.

I have helped start three classical academy charter schools in Colorado. In fact, I tried to open another one when I was ready to move my kids out of that elementary school that had labeledme “problematic.” Unfortunately, the 700 students I had gathered to attend this new charter school were turned down by the county – the same county Democratic Governor Jared Polis lives in. Despite our pleas, Polis did nothing.

Far-left, liberal Jared Polis knows I am a fighter. I will stand up against CRT and teachers unions, and stand up for our children, parents, and teachers. I will give power back to parents over what is taught to our children.

Kitchen table issues are what is going to win this election. I’m a Mom on a Mission to lower gas prices, lower our out-of-control cost of living, and lower our soaring crime. I am a successful CEO who turned a small business called Camp Bow Wow into America’s largest pet care franchise. Believe me, I know how to cut red tape and bloated budgets. I’m the daughter of a police officer who was taught at an early age to respect law enforcement and the 2nd Amendment. I will be a law and ordergovernor who will reinstate truth in sentencing and get rid of personal recognizance bonds.

Polis and his Democratic friends want to buy GOP primary votes, so that they can sell Coloradans down the river when he sails into re-election this November. So far, they have spent three million dollars funding my opponent, a weaker candidate Polis knows he can beat. Don’t be fooled. I am the patriot who will guide Colorado back to freedom.

Heidi Ganahl is running for Governor of Colorado. She is currently the only Republican in Colorado who was elected statewide. She won her race for CU Regent in 2016, beating Jared Polis’ friend Alice Madden, co-author of The Blueprint. Heidi is a former CEO who has started several charities. She is the mother of four (Tori, Hollie, Jenna, and Jack) and the wife of BBQ cook and small business owner, Jason Ganahl.

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