‘Weak’ Biden Administration Policy Has Done Little to Deter China: Lawmaker

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President Joe Biden’s warning to China against aiding Russia in its invasion of Ukraine was “soft,” and the administration has done little to deter Chinese aggression on the world stage, according to Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.).

“Biden is soft on China, just like he’s been with every one of our adversaries throughout his presidency. It doesn’t appear Biden’s talk has changed China’s stance one bit,” Steube, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told The Epoch Times.

He was referring to Biden’s video call with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on March 18, with Biden laying out “implications and consequences if China provides material support to Russia” amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.

“This was the Biden administration’s opportunity to exert strength to China. Once again, this White House sent mixed messaging,” Steube said.

Administration officials were tight-lipped on details or progress made during the meeting, which ended without Biden securing any assurances from the Chinese side.

During press briefings, officials wouldn’t say if there would be “red lines” that would trigger actions against the Chinese regime, nor have Washington and its allies agreed on any consequences if China supports Russia economically or militarily in its war in Ukraine.

“It seems to me this should have all been decided before a critical call with President Xi,” Steube said.

Beijing had made clear its defiance even before the meeting, he said.

Shortly before the call, Beijing sailed an aircraft carrier through the Taiwan Strait, a 100-mile wide waterway dividing the Chinese mainland from the self-governed island of Taiwan, which the Chinese Communist Party has repeatedly cast as a breakaway province to one day be reclaimed.

“The fact that China sent a warship into the Taiwan Strait just hours before coming face to face with Biden shows us China doesn’t seem to be intimidated by this weak administration,” Steube said. “Who would be?”

By Eva Fu

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