We’re Heading Toward A Convergence

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In these two clips, host Steve Bannon and editor Joe Allen explain the importance of transhumanism at the beginning of a special edition of “War Room” devoted to explaining how technology is a threat to humanity itself.

“You have four or five technologies that are going down their own path of technological development. Advanced chip design … you have artificial general intelligence, which is where artificial intelligence takes itself to the next level. Then you have regenerative robotics… where the robots themselves are making the robots. You also have the convergence of bio-technology which is not just DNA but also the enzymes…. Those technologies are all converging. The singularity is where it all converges. On this side is humanity, on the other side of that convergence point is something different. It is bio-designed human beings… artificial intelligence… It is something quite different.”

Part 1: We’re Heading Toward A Convergence

Part 2: Path Of The Transhumanist

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