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On the 4th of June 2020 at 07:37 in the evening (UTC/GMT +08:00), the founder of the Whistleblower Movement Miles Kwok (also widely known as Miles Guo or Guo Wengui) inaugurates the founding of The New Federal State of China on his boat Lady May II, moored in front of the Statue of Liberty with five aircrafts flying the NFSC federal flag over New York Harbor in Manhattan, New York City, USA.

Under the rule of law, the citizens of the NFSC who actively exercise their citizenship while, at the same time, being permanently located or dispersed in many places around the world — a country in permanent diaspora, shall follow the Righteous Path, a people-oriented socio-political thought that gives absolute emphasis on the dignity, power, and freedom of all citizens as the beginning and end of a peaceful and prosperous statehood. Miles explains that it is all about giving respect to the human person; people get respect when people have power, and power comes both from material and spiritual sources. In other words, socio-political power emanates from people who, on the one hand, have privacy rights over their wealth and properties and, on the other hand, have free rights over their thoughts, words, and beliefs. With this statehood in mind, all citizens shall put an end to the centralized rule of the Communist Party of China (CCP).

Name of state

The official full name of the country in English is “The New Federal State of China”, which is first used as a term by Stephen Kevin Bannon, chair of the Rule of Law Society, on the 4th of June 2020 when he, with Miles Kwok on his side, read the English version of the Declaration of the New Federal State of China on Lady May II at New York Harbor.

The Chinese name of NFSC is 新中国联邦 (xīn-zhōng-guó-lián-bāng). The use of the term 新 (xīn) in its official name conveys a conviction to distinguish NFSC from the People’s Republic of China, commonly known as 中国 (zhōng-guó) by the international community, while 联邦 (lián-bāng) indicates its government system. In the beginning, other names such as “The Federal State of Huaxia” and “The United States of Huaxia” were considered, but on the 2nd of June 2020, “The New Federal State of China” was made official.

The federal flag

The flag of the New Federal State of China, featured above, is also known as “The 49 Stars Flag” or “The Himalayan Star Flag”. The aspect ratio of the NFSC flag is 3:2. It has two colors; ocean blue and solar gold. Precisely, it is an ocean blue rectangular flag with forty nine seven-pointed solar gold Himalayan stars forming a double ellipse with a star in the center symbolizing faith. It was first displayed on the 26th of May 2020, and first unfurled on the 4th of June 2020.

The flag of the New Federal State of China

The golden color is solar gold. It brightens heaven and earth, symbolizing wealth, peace, people’s will, people’s rights, preciousness, and joy. The blue color is ocean blue. It represents the source of life. It embodies eternity, vastness, nature, mystery, intimacy, and dreams. In the water and gold’s mutuality and through the gold and water’s compatibility, water and sunlight give birth to life. Blue for Yin and gold for Yang, from both, comes everything in the world. All these symbolize the holy spirit of the Himalaya and her everlasting luminance.

The joining together of forty nine stars as one double ellipse takes a shape that signifies the Chinese character 中 (zhōng) showing the balance between Yin and Yang brought about by the interaction between heaven and earth. Together, these constitute a symmetrical and stable space of cosmic energy. Every star is a symbol of life which represents human rights and the equality of all beings. The strength that brings the stars to come together is the unity of all in adhering to heaven’s call to fulfill all’s sacred mission.

The coming together of all forty nine stars signifies the heart of all stars — an eternal abundance of auspiciousness. Central to the common belief in the hearts of all NFSC citizens is the giving of reverence to heaven, earth, and all godly beings. This reverence is expressed in and through the establishment of a free and democratic society that abides by the rule of law which guarantees the care and respect for the elderly, women, and children. This reverence is also conveyed by the entire citizenry through their upholding of the Righteous Path, and bringing countries around the world to contribute to world peace and lasting friendship for generations to come. In this spirit, the NFSC aims to create a new world that is fair and just as it moves towards building a lasting civilization. And in carrying out this great human undertaking, it seeks the illumination of all godly beings of the universe upon the Divine Realm (China’s ancient name) at all times.

The Federal Anthem (Listen to the video on top of page)

[7] (xǐmǎlāyǎ – zìyóu zhī diān) or “Himalaya – the Pinnacle of Freedom” in English is the federal anthem of the New Federal State of China.
Title: Himalaya, The Pinnacle of Freedom
Music: 唐平 (Reve Táng Píng)
Lyrics: 齐馥伟 (William Qí Fùwěi)
Song: 空中合唱团 (kōngzhōng héchàngtuán) also known as The Sky Shouters

Himalaya, the pinnacle of freedom
Our home of heavenly blessings
From here the unknown hero
Has started his spiritual awakening
Breaking through the darkness, he leads the way
The cry for equality and justice has never been at rest
Let’s pray sincerely for tomorrow
Raising our shields side by side
Holding the sword of truth
To cut off the evil and deceitful
Seven thousand warriors are here to
Defend our mother’s grace
Our youth are making sacrifices with great passion
May such a life never be forgotten
May all the sons and daughters
Of China gain a rebirth
Himalaya, the pinnacle of great love
Our beautiful home heavenly blessed
We will forever and ever
Defend our faith of freedom
With Himalaya staying in our heart and mind forever
We are fearless in facing all adversities
Himalaya, the pinnacle of freedom

Government and politics of the NFSC

By appropriating Western democratic rule of law and other relevant international laws, under the joint supervision of international institutions and the Himalaya Supervisory Organization, citizens of the New Federal State of China shall create a brand new government by way of a “one person, one vote” system.

The new federal government shall formulate a Constitution. The writing of the Constitution, the defining of other laws, the limiting of government powers and functions shall protect the rights and interests of its citizens. The formulation of the new Constitution and the making of laws will be based on Western laws that include the British common law and the US case law. The resulting proposals shall be decided upon by the entire electorate by way of a referendum. It shall be crafted to realize a commitment to safeguard citizens’ rights and freedoms from infringement; to guarantee the freedoms of religious belief, speech, assembly, association, and movement of all citizens; to take down the Great Firewall; to give citizens freedom of access to information; to be free from political interference and censorship in the creation and publication of media. The contents of the new Constitution include the following;

The national ideals on human rights, the rule of law, freedom of belief, freedom of speech, and on private property are sacred and inviolable.

The pursuit to permanent peace and common development with the people of the world.

The legislative guarantee of the basic rights of the people such as education, old-age care, and medical care are the ‘s livelihood and must be guaranteed by legislation. Expansion of investment in education, borrowing Western education to meet Chinese needs. Inculcate respect for teachers and give importance to education with the idea that all kinds of people can be educated.

The preservation, protection, and promotion of natural environment and animal ecology, pursuing harmony in all living things.

To ensure checks and balances of this government, its power shall be equally divided among three branches; executive, legislative, and judicial. Also, an electoral system and an impeachment system shall be established. These systems shall operate with high efficiency to avert substantial social turmoil and human disasters.

The government shall accept the joint supervision by its citizens, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization, and other legitimate international institutions. Its fiscal policy, decision-making, and other relevant information shall be open and transparent and subject to supervision. Officials shall disclose their assets, liabilities, and net worth.

By way of a “one person, one vote” system, all citizens of the New Federal State of China, without the influence of interest groups such as political parties and their leaders, shall establish a system of government. Citizens are free to form political parties. Any political party that gathers the support of at least one-third of the legitimate votes is eligible to participate in the national level elections.

The government shall take legal actions against the CCP. The aims of these legal actions shall be: firstly, the confiscation and recovery of assets plundered by the CCP, then return these assets to the people; secondly, the implementation of amnesty to prisoners, except for serious criminal offenders and those with crimes against humanity, after the establishment of the new government.

Sovereignty rights are reserved to the federal government, while full autonomy rights are enjoyed by local governments. The granting of special autonomy to Hong Kong, Macau, Tibet, and other regions shall be promulgated immediately and strictly enforced. Provided that Taiwan’s status quo is unchanged, expansion in trade, steady development, and common prosperity shall be sought for.

Recent history of the NFSC

The design process of the flag

In May 2020, Miles Kwok convened some members of the Whistleblower Movement from around the world to an online meeting to create a design team. The team is composed of eleven members each with a nom de guerre; Weizisunaiqige Wenxi, CCgerP, Wenfangsibao, Ms. L Talk, X-MEN, Mingyueqingfeng, Wenhua, Wenxi, Cunzaizhuyikafeiting, Wensibudong, Wenchengcheng, and Amber. Its task is to design the federal flag. In that meeting, Miles proposed the design ideas, spiritual meanings, and basic elements that the flag should contain: blue, gold and a concentration of stars reflecting the totality of the whole universe. Its composition should reflect the Big Dipper and the Chinese character 中 (zhōng) which represents the unity of the people, the world, and the creation of new life.

Initially, forty one design drafts were submitted. Out of which, the colors of the national flag and the basic elements of the seven-pointed star were selected and determined. After many revisions, the composition of the Chinese character based from forty nine heptagrams was finally ascertained. The final draft was composed of The Golden Star of Faith at the center with outer circles formed by a chain of forty eight gold heptagrams displaying four petals to reflect the 中 (zhōng) and with the blue background of the universe as the new Chinese federal flag. The entire design process took ten hours only.

In the live broadcast, Miles Kwok explains the reason for choosing the blue color. Blue represents justice, resoluteness, and perseverance. He adds that more importantly, the blue color portrays peacefulness and the Source of Life. It also incorporates the Sign of Water among the Chinese Five Elements. On the other hand, the golden color depicts the Sun. The sun and water together create life.

He further opines that “the red flag of the Communist Party is dyed, its fabric stained, with the blood of the people. In their hearts, the Communist Party members believe that power comes from blood, from death, from threats, and from domination. That to secure the state power permanently, there must be bloodshed. That the vitality of state power and authority must depend upon the fresh red color of blood. Stained in this redness, the four stars surround the star in the center – the star of the Communist Party. Now, we no longer need the blood of our people to make that piece of cloth red, and to nurture their power.”

Miles explains that the sign “Seven By Seven Reaching Forty Nine” is a big number in Buddhism and a symbiosis in Taoism. If one overcomes it, one becomes the world’s biggest victor who can overcome everything. But one has to go through many disasters and hardships along the way, one is always on the edge between life and death. Every success depends on one’s courage. The Forty Nine Stars and the Center of the Universe are from the Will of Heaven. And all these will be represented by the forty nine member states of the federation in the future.

Blue means eternity, intimacy, the source of life, health, and nature. When it merges with the Sun, the Forty Nine Stars emerge to form the 中 (zhōng) with faith as its core. As expressed in the flag, faith is the core of all Chinese people’s existence.

Wen Xi, who is a planner from the federal flag design team, adds that the Seven By Seven Reaching Forty Nine also means limitlessness. And that the forty nine seven-pointed stars represent equality among all human beings in the world, which is an expression of great love for the entire human race, not just for the Chinese, but for all the living in the entire universe. All these bring into full contrast with the five-star red flag of the Chinese Communist Party which represents narrow-mindedness and selfishness that leaves no room for the governed people.

The design was completed on the 26th of May 2020. It symbolizes the state’s mission from heaven. During the first display of the flag at Miles Kwok’s home in New York at 02:46 in the morning, Miles prayed for the 1.4 billion Chinese people. He uttered thanksgiving to God by saying, “Thank you, God, for giving us a holy and powerful insignia to open a new chapter in our history, to bring an end to the Chinese Communist Party, to restore the courage of the Chinese people, and to obtain the great wisdom of our Chinese civilization. Under the dome and the charming display of The Forty Nine Stars, all evil shall be destroyed! Let our Chinese people live again!”

The inauguration ceremony
From the morning of the 4th of June 2020 Beijing Time (evening on the 3rd of June 2020 US Eastern Time), the Himalaya Supervisory Organization composed of hundreds of millions of members held an inauguration ceremony in New York, officially proclaiming the establishment of the “New Federal State of China.” It was broadcasted live to the whole world through online media. The ceremony lasted eighteen hours. GTV media revealed that the online audience data showed up to 20 million people watched the ceremony.

The ceremony was chosen to be held in the morning on the 4th of June 2020 Beijing Time. At the time, it was still six o’clock in the evening on the 3rd of June 2020 US Eastern Time, when five aircrafts took off flying banners over New York City. These banners were designed with the NFSC flag on one side and with the words “Congratulations to the Federal State of New China!” printed in Chinese and English on the other side. A little later at 07:37 pm, the fleet reached the location of the Statue of Liberty and hovered around the sky above the Hudson River for several minutes. Then, the planes flew over to Manhattan circling over the central area.

While the above-mentioned was going on, the inaugural ceremony, which was covered live globally on a video broadcast, began with the founder of the Whistleblower Movement Guo Wengui and the chair of the Rule of Law Society Stephen Bannon as hosts, with two NFSC flags unfurled and fluttering in the wind at their backs and farther back in the distance was the superyacht Lady May floating steadily in front of the Statue of Liberty lending them a stunning background.

At the most auspicious moment on live broadcast, Miles declared the establishment of the new state — The New Federal State of China. Immediately right after, located in Spain, Hao Haidong, former Chinese national football star player announced The Declaration of The New Federal State of China in Chinese. Then right away, back in the USA, Stephen read The Declaration of The New Federal State of China in English. In closing the inaugural rite, Miles bit his right index finger to shed blood, marked the declaration document with his blood, and vowed to overthrow the Communist Party of China.
Signs from the sky

Before the ceremony started, thick clouds gathered over New York Harbor skies, peals of thunder and lightning followed. Then at the beginning of the ceremony, the clouds cleared away and the sky above the Statue of Liberty was suddenly sunny until the heavy rain came again after the declaration was read. Witnessed by hundreds of millions of his comrades, Guo Wengui bit his finger to shed blood, marked the declaration document with his own blood, and swore to overthrow the CCP regime. At the moment when he bit his finger, flashes of lightning and claps of thunder were seen at the location of the Statue of Liberty. All the pictures are recorded live by camera.

The timing of the celebration

The timing of the declaration was chosen to coincide with the commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre that happened in Beijing on the 4th of June 1989. It signified that the lives sacrificed by the heroes of democracy are not lost as the freedom loving people, marked by this declaration, march on towards achieving full freedom.
Afterwards, the couple Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying, the former Chinese national badminton world champion, gave an interview with Lu De and An Hong about their own journeys to joining the Whistleblower Movement. This was followed by the unfurling of the flag of the New Federal State of China. The hosts gave an account on the creation process of the national flag and the national anthem. Then, the hosts interviewed the members of the Whistleblower Movement from around the world. On the day of the ceremony, large-screen billboards and taxi billboards in Times Square in New York rolled up to display the adverts in Chinese and English saying “We Celebrate the Establishment of the New Federal State of China!

Culture of the NFSC

The NFSC shall follow the Righteous Path, a people-oriented socio-political thought introduced by Miles Kwok, that gives absolute emphasis on the dignity, power, and freedom of all citizens as the beginning and end of a peaceful and prosperous statehood.

Miles explores a new state concept that breaks away from traditional thinking. He is of the conviction that, based on the level of interconnectedness in today’s world marked by a reasonably easy access to ways of communication and fairly uncomplicated means to access information, the cohesion of a state’s citizens, which is the essential meaning of a country, has radically shifted from having a common land, authority, currency and other elements in the traditional sense to having a common “belief, security, trust, benefit, pleasure, outlook on life, and worldview.” So then, it is highly feasible for citizens of a country to be actively exercising their citizenship while, at the same time, being permanently located or dispersed in many places around the world — a country in permanent diaspora.

As clearly expressed in the symbolism of the federal flag, central to this concept and vision of statehood is faith. The NFSC citizens believe in all godly beings, take the Right Path as the cornerstone of culture, and promote the splendid knowledge and wisdom accumulated from China’s long history and rich culture.

The NFSC society shall advance universal values ​​such as “freedom, truth, kindness, justice, fairness, integrity, tolerance” and the traditional moral values ​​of the Chinese nation. Citizens are free to choose to become believers or agnostics; they can choose to belong to whatever religion, no interference in the change of belief; different religions and denominations shall not be categorized into different levels.

The New Federal State of China shall adopt the separation of church and state. Congress or the government shall never formulate laws to establish state religion, neither promulgate laws and orders to prohibit the free exercise of religious beliefs, nor corrupt religion to interfere with judicial and election processes and use religion to get into money laundering.

Education in the NFSC
Legislation shall give focus on education. A people-oriented education shall be independent from politics. The attitude of inclusivity and the diversity of ideas and culture shall be preserved and protected. It shall emphasize on science and technology, promote scientific and technological innovation. To ensure the steady development of education, the government shall protect intellectual property rights, and crackdown on various piracy and intellectual property violations.

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