What Nuclear Deterrence Means for the 21st Century

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As Russia and China advance their nuclear forces and North Korea and Iran continue to pursue nuclear capabilities, the U.S. nuclear arsenal slowly decays. Deterioration of the nuclear enterprise has become so serious that a failure to deliver systems like the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent or the W80-4 warhead on time could result in a critical gap in the U.S. nuclear deterrent.

In the new book from the Center for Security Policy Press, Growing Challenges for America’s Nuclear Deterrent, nine national security experts examine the threat to the U.S. nuclear arsenal and what it takes to deter nuclear attack, assure U.S. allies and partners, achieve U.S. objectives if deterrence fails, and hedge against future threats. On May 5, hear three of these expert contributors, Fred Fleitz, Dr. Matthew Kroenig, and Dr. Michaela Dodge, discuss the nuclear force necessary to deter, fight, and win a nuclear conflict.

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