What’s Behind Putting COVID-19 Vaccine on the Childhood Vaccine Schedule?

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Liz Wheeler, the host of the Liz Wheeler Show, explains why it is so important for Pharmaceutical companies to get COVID-19 vaccines on the childhood vaccine schedule.

Remember the names of the 15 doctors who voted “No conflicts, YES” to put the COVID vaccine on the childhood schedule. A few years down the road, you’ll forget them, but they’ll be rich from Big Pharma jobs waiting on them. This is child sacrifice for cash. Here’s how it works.

Pfizer and Moderna currently have ZERO liability when their vaccines harm people. This is because the government declared a public health emergency and because both mRNA vaccines got “emergency use authorization,” so neither manufacturer is liable for harm. Which is insane.

But what happens when public health emergency is lifted? Pfizer and Moderna would be liable for harm caused by their jabs. Unless their vaxx qualifies for the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program which is also an insane program. It shields vax manufacturers from liability…

Because once upon a time vaxx manufacturers didn’t want liability (I wonder why not?) so they threatened the government that they’d stop producing vaccines unless government took over liability. So government did. Now every vax is subject to a tax and government uses that money to pay vaxx injured people.

In order to qualify for the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program which would shield Pfizer and Moderna from ALL liability when their mRNA vaccine harms people, their vaccine must be recommended either for kids or pregnant women by the CDC.

So what we’re seeing is corrupt, evil CDC bureaucrats who will “cash out” to Big Pharma in two, three years and enjoy cushy “thank you” job for making it so Pfizer and Moderna are NEVER accountable for ANY harm their vaccines causes. Ever.

It’s so evil, I’m shaking. Children are dying. Suffering myocarditis (that often doesn’t go away). Fertility issues. Autoimmune flare-up. Who knows the long term impacts. The CDC vampires don’t care about your kids. They are sacrificing your kids on the altar of Big Pharma. /END

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