When America’s Social Contract Is Gone, We Can’t Get It Back

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Carolina Serrano is running for Congress as a Republican in Nevada and came on the “War Room” to talk about her knowledge of global immigration patterns and her fears about what the Biden administration is doing. Serrano is a Columbian-American who worked with the Trump campaign in Nevada.

“The American people are made to feel they’re not good enough. … We have to be proud of our home, defend it like it’s our home (because it is our home) and it’s the last thing we have! … This country is really worth it. I spent a lot of time in Latin America, growing up in Colombia, and sometimes people don’t understand, … your way of life, your daily life, will change if this country keeps going in the direction it’s going. … Now I see what’s happening here, and I say… if you lose it, you never get it back…”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart