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Carolina Serrano For Congress

Carolina Serrano is a Hispanic Republican running for Congress in Nevada’s 1st District. The Radical Left is afraid of candidates like Carolina because she does not fit their narrative of hatred and lies.

Carolina Serrano’s Values:

  • Build the wall
  • Defund our communities from the “defund police radicals”
  • Protect our Pro-Life values
  • Defend our 2nd Amendment
  • Fight against socialist policies
  • Put America FIRST

Carolina Serrano For Congress Website

About Carolina Serrano

Carolina Serrano For Congress

Carolina is a proud Colombian American and the youngest of four kids. She was born in the US and spent her formative years between the US and Colombia. She came to Las Vegas in early 2003, where the whole Serrano family transplanted to Nevada and has called the silver state home for almost 20 years.

Carolina paid her way through college at UNLV, working in our world-class hospitality industry. She earned her degree in Journalism and Media Studies, but her passion for people caused her to pivot from media and focus on public policy. She worked on Capitol Hill briefly before leading the Hispanic outreach effort for President Donald J. Trump back in Las Vegas.

Carolina believes three key issues affect Nevadans regardless of their party affiliation: the economy, jobs, and immigration.

Our country’s economy is at a grinding halt due to decades of wasteful government spending which has accelerated under the current administration. The inflation we are seeing is the cruelest form of taxation. Inflation is a tax on middle-class Americans and is being driven due to trillion-dollar spending packages.

Jobs have disappeared as corporations move their operations overseas, small
businesses have closed due to extended lockdowns, and overly generous government unemployment benefits keep workers at home. A productive workforce creates a healthier and happier society, and we must focus on ensuring America gets back to work.

Lastly, uncontrolled immigration has assaulted America’s sovereignty. Carolina makes no apologies for making American workers her top priority. Current immigration policies exploit foreign workers while pricing out our American workers and put additional stress on already crumbling healthcare and education systems. With Carolina in Congress, we will no longer ignore our failing immigration system.

Carolina is the perfect person to champion these issues because, most importantly, she understands people. She will blaze a new path for the GOP because she knows that for the party to stand a chance against these extreme forces, we must forge a new way forward where there is no room for elected officials who play it safe from the sidelines.

Carolina Serrano For Congress Website

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