Where is money from Democrats’ spending bill really going?

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Kevin McCarthy shows where the money is really going from the Democrats’ COVID-19 spending bill.


So the Democrats just passed the single largest spending bill in American history, 1.9 trillion dollars. Let’s see, 1,900,000,000,000 1.9 trillion dollars. Now let’s divide that by the number of people in America. Let’s say 330 million Americans. Well, they told us that should probably equal about $1,400 right? That’s wrong.

So what does it cost the average American? $5,757 per America. But wait. Only some Americans will be getting the money back. And even then, only get up to $1400 per person. So what’s happening to the rest of the money and where is it going? Let me give you a few ideas.

$15 billion, healthcare illegal immigrants are now eligible for.

Welfare without work requirements, $111 Billion

350 billion dollars to blue states.

In fact less than 9% of the entire $1.9 trillion goes to fighting virus. The rest of it is a payoff for Pelosi.

Well, let me just show you. $600 million goes to San Francisco (Nancy Pelosi’s District). You know who else is going to get [something from this] bill? Prisoners. Prisoners who don’t need a stimulus because we’re already picking up their food and lodging.

This is where your money is going. This is what your money is paying for. You know what’s even worse that the Democrats put in here? Their allowing up to $21,000 if you’re in federal employee. $25,000 bonuses for state employees. That’s where your money’s going. And it costs every American $5,757. That’s just a little of what’s wrong with this bill.

Radical Left Will Control Your Life and Your Money

On April 29, Kevin McCarthy tweeted, “The President has adopted the radical left’s agenda to control every aspect of your life.

Republicans will work with anyone to build America up, but we can’t tax and spend our way out of our problems. We will not stand by as he takes us down the path of socialism.”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart