Winsome Sears WINS Lieutenant Governor Race in Virginia

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Winsome Sears for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia

Winsome Sears is a former U.S. Marine, former member of the Virginia General Assembly, and the 2021 Republican winner of the Lieutenant Governor race in Virginia. Her views are informed by her service to the Commonwealth and her Country, her faith, and her belief in equal opportunity for all Virginians.


Creating Good Paying Jobs

As Lieutenant Governor, Winsome will champion good paying jobs for every Virginian. She will support policies that keep taxes low, reduce regulations, and promote small businesses. Specifically, Winsome will push to:

  • Enact a 12 Month Small Business Tax Holiday
  • Cut Unnecessary Regulations by 25 Percent
  • Protect Virginia’s Right-to-Work Law and Oppose Forced Unionization

Cutting Costs For Families

The cost of living is rising in Virginia and that’s hurting families, especially our most struggling and aspiring ones. Winsome will support policies that reduce the cost of living for Virginians. Specifically, Winsome supports Glenn Youngkin’s Day One Game Plan to Cut Costs for Virginians:

  • Eliminating Virginia’s Grocery Tax & Suspending the Recent Gas Tax Hike for 12 Months
  • Providing a One Time Tax Rebate of $600 for Joint Filers and $300 for Individuals
  • Ending Runaway Property Taxes by Requiring Voter Approval for Increases
  • Cutting Income Taxes by Doubling the Standard Deduction

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Open And Strengthen Schools

Winsome knows a quality education is the best way to lift people out of poverty and make sure they have access to a good paying job. Winsome will champion investments in public schools, empower parents with choices, and raise standards in education. Specifically, Winsome will push to:

  • Keep Schools Open Safely 5 Days a Week
  • Raise Teacher Pay & Recruit More Teachers to End the Teacher Shortage
  • Restore High Standards for School Accreditation & SOL Tests
  • Promoting Choice by Creating More Opportunities, Especially in Failing School Districts

Uplifting Black Virginians

Virginians are not defined by the color of their skin, but the content of their character. Still, data shows that Black Virginians are disproportionately failed by our government, whether it’s in education or when it comes to job opportunities. Winsome will uplift Black Virginians as Lieutenant Governor. Specifically, Winsome will push to:

  • Create a Black Virginians Advisory Cabinet to the Governor
  • Make a Once-in-a-Generation Investment in Historically Black Colleges & Universities
  • Create 10 “Legacy Wealth Startup Incubators” in Black Communities to Promote Black Entrepreneurship

Keeping Virginia Safe

Keeping Virginians safe is a top responsibility of state government. As Lieutenant Governor, Winsome will defend our law enforcement heroes, crack down on violent criminals and preserve truth-in-sentencing – all while promoting commonsense criminal justice reforms that give nonviolent offenders a path to redemption. Specifically, Winsome will push to:

  • Fire the Parole Board and Preserve Truth in Sentencing
  • Raise Pay for Virginia State Police Troopers, Sheriff’s Deputies, Corrections Officers, and Police Officers
  • Reduce Law Enforcement Interactions by Increasing the Use of Handheld Photo Speed Enforcement

Serving Our Veterans

Virginia is home to over 800,000 veterans and their families, including Winsome Sears. Winsome served in the U.S. Marines, and she wants to ensure Virginia remains the most veteran friendly state in the nation. As Lieutenant Governor, Winsome will push to:

  • Eliminate All Taxes on the First $40,000 in Military Veteran Retirement Pay
  • Expand Virginia’s Veterans Care Centers in Richmond, Salem, Hampton Roads & Northern Virginia
  • Expanding our Veteran Workforce Transition Programs to Get Veterans Good Paying Jobs

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About Winsome Sears

Winsome was elected to a majority Black legislative district! No other Republican has done that in Virginia since 1865: She consequently also became the first (and still only) Black Republican woman elected to the House, the first female veteran, and the first legal immigrant woman.

Winsome is a mother, wife and is proud to have served in the United States Marines. She was also a hard-charging Vice President of the Virginia State Board of Education and received presidential appointments to the US Census Bureau (where she co-chaired the African American Committee) and the Advisory Committee on Women Veterans to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
In addition to her Masters degree, Winsome also built a successful business as a trained electrician and understands the importance of helping small businesses thrive. However, Winsome is most proud of her community work leading a men’s prison ministry and as director of a women’s homeless shelter for The Salvation Army.

Visit Winsome Sears Website

Visit Winsome Sears Website

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