World Economic Forum Brings Us Closer to 1984 – Wrapping It All Up For You In A Montage

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For those who are still not paying attention the global elites are busy implementing how you will be allowed to live your life. We gathered all the significant clips from the Davos  World Economic Forum this last week and provide it for your edification.

  • Alarming remarks made during the annual elitist confab (Davos) by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Pakistan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs – see here.
  • WEF declares they need to craft better narratives to sell their agenda – see here.
  • WEF invents a new word, ” Polycrisis” – see here
  • Video: WEF unveils the 5-minute city utopia and total control – see here.
  • Video: A future with no cars – see here.
  • Video: Neurotechnology and biometrics (brain implants) pre-crime? See here.
  • Video: One World Religion based on Climate change crisis – see here.
  • Video: LGBTQI+ Panel discusses subverting culture with the LGBTQ agenda through media and entertainment – see here.
  • FBI Dir Wray – speaking to an audience of global elites – see here.
  • European Commission VP Věra Jourová at the WEF, declaring the US will Have “Illegal Hate Speech Laws” very soon – see here.
  • Important Google development in AI – see here.
  • Rebel News tries to interview Greta Thunberg – see here.

By Bekah Lyons

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