Yes, Georgia voters can drink water while waiting in line

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The Washington Times

The new Georgia election law allows polling places to provide water to voters in addition to permitting those casting a ballot to bring their own liquid refreshments, an election official tells The Washington Times.

The Republican-backed election reform bill has been ridiculed by Democrats and media allies as banning water.

“It’s now illegal in Georgia to give food and water to voters in line,” a CNN headline proclaimed. 

What the new law does is prohibit political activists and candidates from trying to influence in-line electors by plying them with “food and drink” as happened in November.

This is because, the election official told The Times, “Already in November there were cases of candidates handing out water to voters in line, food trucks giving out food or selling it wrapped in campaign flyers and other instances of trying to influence voters. But even some poll managers looked the other way because it was only water or snacks.“

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