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Yesli Vega For Congress

Military Wife. Mother. Law Enforcement Officer.

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On The Issues

Checks and Balances on the Biden Administration

Our Constitutional system was created so that each branch placed checks and balances on the other branches of government. After seeing the results of one-party rule in Virginia, we chose a new way forward last November, and Virginians are clamoring for the same in Washington.

The Biden-Pelosi record of skyrocketing inflation, rising crime, open borders, foreign policy blunders, and the lowering of educational standards must be checked. But it’s going to require real leaders in Washington, not career politicians or those beholden to special interests, who will put their foot down and put their country first to hold the Democrats in Washington accountable.

You and I know our conservative values of freedom, limited government, the rule of law, and a firm reliance on our Creator are the things that will turn our blessed republic around. I’ve been a conservative fighter at the local level, and will be honored to advocate for those bedrock principles on behalf of you and your family in Washington.

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The Constitution

With our liberties being infringed upon every day, the wisdom of our Founding Fathers has never been more needed. (Read More)

Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness

The preamble of the Declaration of Independence states that “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” (Read More)

Law Enforcement And Public Safety

I was serving on the street beat as an officer in the City of Alexandria when the politically motivated attacks on law enforcement across our country started heating up. I know first-hand what it’s like to be targeted by left-wing activists for answering the call to protect and serve. (Read More)

Border Security

As the daughter of Salvadoran immigrants it’s been truly astounding to see that the President of El Salvador has been more committed to securing America’s borders than the Biden administration. Shortly after taking office, Biden suspended the safe third country security deals we had in place with countries like El Salvador in a deliberate attempt to encourage illegal entry by those without documentation. (Read More)

Limit Inflation By Limiting Government

While some of the issues related to rising inflation can be attributed to COVID-19, the fundamental lack of respect for your hard earned money and your future is at the foundation and the biggest driver of this crisis. (Read More)

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Student Centered Education

Perhaps the only positive result of COVID-19 lockdowns was the renewed focus on education, and, for many, having a better understanding of what our kids are being taught. The push by liberal politicians and administrators to force virtual learning against the CDC’s guidelines allowed parents a first hand look into their children’s curriculums – and it wasn’t pretty. (Read More)

Getting Back To The Pre-lockdown Economy

In February 2020, the American economy had a record low unemployment rate. Inflation was low, wages were increasing, and investment and retirement income was rising. Then the lockdowns were imposed and everything changed. (Read More)

Election Reform

In 2016, Democrats in Congress objected to the certification of electoral votes in places such as Mississippi, Alabama, and Wyoming – despite Donald Trump being declared the winner in these states by 17, 25, and 43 points respectively. (Read More)

Making Healthcare More Transparent And Affordable

Just as many predicted, the so-called “Affordable Care Act” made the cost of healthcare, anything but. (Read More)

Competent Foreign Policy

We all watched in horror last summer as the images of Afghanis falling off airplanes turned into thirteen flag draped coffins at Dover Air Force Base. (Read More)

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Vega Family

Visit Yesli Vega For Congress Website

Meet Yesli

Yesli Vega, a military wife, mother, and law enforcement officer, is the embodiment of the American Dream. Born in Houston, Texas to Salvadoran immigrants fleeing civil war, her family has taken full advantage of the freedom and opportunities made available only in America.

Yesli and her family are firm believers in the passage from Luke which says “to whom much is given, much is required.” That is why she’s dedicated her life to service in three different Virginia law enforcement agencies and why she’s running to be your voice to power in Washington.

Yesli grew up in Virginia where she was taught the invaluable lessons of hard work, faith in God, and love for the greatest country on His green earth. It was here that she met her high school sweetheart, Rene, whom she’s been married to now for fifteen years and has raised two beautiful children with.

Yesli’s decision to enter the world of law enforcement came following a family tragedy perpetrated by local gang members in a case of mistaken identity. This tragedy resulted in a friend losing his life and her brother being severely wounded. The professionalism and care with which the local law enforcement agencies dealt with the situation inspired Yesli to want to give back and help to protect other people in need.

Her career began as a street cop with the City of Alexandria’s Police Department where she faced the split second, life or death situations our men and women in blue face every day they put on the uniform.  Yesli temporarily left the world of law enforcement as duty called her family to South Korea to join in her husband’s deployment as a member of the United States Army. Being so close to the daily threat of Communist North Korea gave Yesli an even greater appreciation for America’s commitment to freedom and human rights.

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Upon returning, Yesli went back into law enforcement with the Manassas Park Police Department where she became a certified hostage negotiator, and later joined the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office to serve as a deputy and Crisis Intervention Team member under legendary Sheriff Glen Hill 

As her children grew older, Yesli began to take an even greater interest in the world of government and the policies put forward by those in charge of safeguarding our liberties. As a homeowner in Prince William County, she and her husband watched with concern as the services provided by local government did not match the increasingly high real estate tax bills they were required to pay. This, combined with a dangerous new political movement that sought to attack and scapegoat law enforcement, led to Yesli being called to serve in a different way – through elected office.

In December of 2018, she announced her campaign for an open seat on the Prince William County Board of Supervisors. Due to her commitment to advocating and fighting for conservative principles, Yesli won the Republican nomination with over 80% of the vote. She then won the general election in her Democrat leaning district by thirteen points in a blue wave year, not by running away from her conservative principles, but by boldly proclaiming them.

Comparatively, the GOP standard bearer had just lost by sixteen points the year before. This nearly thirty points swing in the face of strong political headwinds secured Yesli’s reputation as a proven winner and vote getter even in the most challenging of environments.

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While on the Board of Supervisors, Yesli has:

  • Fought and ultimately defeated gun control resolutions aimed at law abiding Virginians
  • Advocated for and introduced significantly reduced property tax rates
  • Fought eminent domain abuse threatening to wipe out the homes of low income residents
  • Led the fight to preserve Prince William County’s life-saving 287(g) agreement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • Been a beacon for government transparency, efficiency, and fiscally responsible spending
  • Fought to preserve American and Virginia history from the encroachment of big tech and data centers within the boundaries of Manassas Battlefield

Yesli never imagined a life in elected office, but when she saw her county (and now her nation) in trouble she knew she had to step up to the plate.

As your voice and representative to Washington, Yesli looks forward to fulfilling Congress’s responsibility of being a check and balance on the woefully inept Biden administration. She will be a strong advocate for the timeless American ideals of freedom, limited government, and restoration of the rule of law.

Yesli still serves as an Auxiliary Deputy in the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office and is an active member in her parents’ church. She also enjoys coaching her daughter’s soccer team, watching her son excel at the sport, and volunteering with Special Olympics and Santa Cops. The first in her immediate family to graduate from college, she has a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice from American Military University, for which she serves as an Ambassador, and is a graduate of the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy.

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