27 Reasons Why President Trump Should Challenge the Election “Results”

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President Trump is such a hero to a majority of the citizens of the United States in a majority of the states in the union because he has committed himself to draining the swamp, and because he has prevailed so far, to a remarkable extent, despite discovering that the swamp is far more multi-layered and treacherous now than it has ever been before. The media – including most of the television networks and newspapers — have been in bed with corrupt politicians and naïve Hollywood and music personalities in the past, but never before has the combination been joined by the near monopolies of the Internet – Google, Facebook, and Twitter – to not just take sides in the issues of our time, but to totally block out dissenting views, in many instances, of not just extremists, but of close to half of the population, including the president – and by preventing possibly half of the country, or more, from even finding out about the extent of the allegations against the Bidens, Comey, Brennan, and others, as well as the truth, let alone the whole truth, in so many other areas involving President Trump, covid, and other people and issues

Now, the perfidy has reached a new low, where so many allegations of election violations on a massive scale have been documented publicly, yet many if not most of the mainstream spokespeople have actually referred to all of these allegations as “without evidence.” Most notably, a former attorney general of one of the most populous states of the union – Florida – gave a personal account of how there were systemic violations in Pennsylvania of the simple right to have Republicans monitor the vote count – not even count the ballots.

Notwithstanding the fact that the announced vote is incomplete and unofficial, and does not consider any of the multiple challenges that have also been announced, many Democrats and Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) have called for the president to concede defeat like any loser of any typical pre-Trump election, but here are 27 reasons why Trump should challenge the election “results”.

1)  Most notably, President Trump has not been defeated. Raw figures have been released, but the votes in some key states have not been completed yet, including votes from military personnel from all over the world, and provisional ballots from all over the United States, and the votes in all the key swing states vying to put a candidate over the top have not been processed yet. Part of the process is ascertaining that all legal ballots are accounted for, and no improper ballots are counted.

2)  Those who claim there is no such thing as voter fraud might consult a link put out by The Heritage Foundation https://www.heritage.org/election-integrity/commentary/voter-fraud-database-tops-1000-proven-cases with a data base of 1,072 cases of voter fraud, including 938 criminal convictions in 47 states, including multiple instances of false submissions of voter registration forms, false birth dates and social security numbers to register deceased persons, and absentee ballots where one individual voted on absentee ballots under different names. The voter fraud alleged for the 2020 election are on a far greater scale.

3)  President Carter’s bipartisan commission on mail-in voting found in 2005 that where safeguards for ballot integrity are in place, such as signature verification, there was little evidence of voter fraud. As will be described below, safeguards have massively not been in place in the 2020 elections, including proven massive failures to secure signature verification, not to mention a lack of voter ID by definition for all mail-in ballots. The Carter Commission found that absentee ballots remained the largest source of potential voting fraud.

4)  A 2012 Pew Study found that 1.8 million voters remained on the rolls after their passing.

5)  There have indeed been cases of recounts changing the original tentative votes of states, and the allegations of voter fraud this year are massive.

6)  Some huge ballot dumps purportedly came in 100% for Biden, which likewise creates more of a presumption of fraud than of coincidence, and supports the president’s litigation.

7)  Some huge ballot dumps purportedly came in, in the middle of the night, which likewise creates more of a presumption of fraud than of coincidence, and supports the president’s litigation.

8)  In some localities, more people were purportedly found to have voted than to have registered, which creates a presumption of fraud that doesn’t need any comparisons;

9)  Prior elections have allegedly been stolen by the Daley Machine in Chicago and the Johnson machine in Texas nationally, not to mention the notorious Tammany Hall machine locally, but never before has the corruption been as systemic as it is today, in each of the swing states that swung against the president after he built up an election eve significant lead, and undoubtedly, though to a lesser extent, in other states as well.

10)  The corruption has been on not one level, as in past elections, but on at least four levels identified so far  – (a) unconstitutionally having the judicial and executive branches change the rules on when ballots can be accepted, when constitutionally the legislative branch controls – and the legislature in Pennsylvania, for example, is controlled by the Republicans,(b) simple fairness, laws, and judicial orders all require both sides to monitor the counting of the ballots, which was denied most flagrantly in Pennsylvania, without even getting into discussions of the chain of custody, (c) the corruption generated by the unprecedented mail in balloting, under cover of the coronavirus, where ballots were sent to every post office address rather than to people who actually were alive and living at specific addresses, and who actually requested ballots for specific legitimate reasons, many of which purportedly were never returned or at least traced to the ballot boxes  as well as (d) the garden variety types of corruption, such as forged signatures, and ballots submitted and “signed” by people who moved from one address to another; people who moved to the afterlife, and poll takers who fill in a 2nd candidate on a ballot to invalidate it in such a way that the deception cannot be proven on a mass scale in an investigation or a recount, unless Democrat ballot counters step forward with the truth.

11)  There have been sightings of dumped ballots from Republican strongholds and findings of multiple ballots from Democrat strongholds.

12)  The failure to allow Republicans to monitor hundreds of thousands of ballots, possibly millions, based on (a) simple fairness,
(b) the Constitution, and (c) court orders, as referred to above, has been exacerbated by the cover of the coronavirus, where distancing has been blamed for keeping Republicans so far away from the ballots that they cannot see what is going on.

13)  The very fact that courts ordered enhanced opportunities for Republicans to monitor ballots indicates that evidence must have been submitted demonstrating to the satisfaction of the judges that Republicans until that point had not had adequate opportunities to monitor ballots.

14)  The fact that some of these rulings were appealed shows how corrupt the Democrats admittedly were – and are; what were they trying to hide?

15)  The fact that some of these court rulings in favor of monitoring ballot counting were not implemented showed how corrupt the Democrat officials and poll counters were – and are; what were they trying to hide?

16)  The President’s legal team challenging the elections include one of the lawyers who won a small fortune for “the Covington kid” who was falsely accused of smiling in a provocative way at a protester. Imagine what she can do with lawsuits with far greater allegations of improper behavior!

17)  The President must demonstrate that if the citizens of this country – and the world — are to have faith in our electoral system, corruption most be exposed, weeded out, and prevented from happening again in the future.

18)  Undoubtedly at least some of the allegations of voting irregularities and/or outright corruption, whether or not intentional, will be proven, so the final tallies are sure to be changed, win or lose, and the American people – and the people of the world – have a right to know.

19)  If the President will fail to win enough court battles to match the battles he has already won for a majority of the legitimate and timely ballots in the battleground states, he will still be in a better position to continue to be influential, whether or not he runs for office again in 2024, the more he exposes the corruption in the status quo, and the more court battles and state delegations he will win.

20)  Recounts are routine where votes are close, so why shouldn’t the President – and the American people – be entitled to recounts where votes are close enough, and where more safeguards may be in place for the more scrutinized recounts.

21)  Some of the money being raised for the court fights is also going to pay off some campaign debts, which is reasonable, considering how much of the president’s personal fortune he lost since entering politics, as contrasted with the personal fortunes amassed by “liberal” socialists and pseudo socialists Biden and Sanders with their multiple homes since they entered politics.

22)  The more discussion that will be generated about the election, the more opportunities there will be to expose some of the past evils covered up by the press about other big issues, like the Biden corruption; the press was able to hide it until now, but maybe now Trump’s people can still get out this information.

23)  The litigation may help win back some Senate seats that seemed won by Republicans the night of the election but then were “lost” as the Democrats availed themselves of opportunities to generate additional votes, one way or another;

24)  The litigation and the related discussions they will generate can also help in the important coming run-offs for 2 senate seats in Georgia that will decide control of the Senate, and thus whether or not all the socialists’ plans will come to fruition, such as those to inundate the country with illegal aliens, new Democrat-controlled states, and an enlarged and packed U.S. Supreme Court,

25)  Joe Biden got fewer votes in this election than Hillary and Obama except in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin, the very states that he needed in order to beat President Trump, the very states where Trump led early, only to discover votes for Biden streaming in, bypassing the chain of custody that should be monitored by members of both parties, to erase Trump’s early leads. This creates more of a presumption of fraud than of coincidence, and supports the president’s litigation.

26)  The whole mail-in phenomenon of unsolicited ballots sent to every resident was arguably justified by the coronavirus, yet Democrat-supported rioters weren’t reined in by their political leaders, and the Biden “victory” celebrations were done all over the country in person.

27) Above all, if justice prevails, (a) Trump will actually win, and (b) so will some senators and congressmen who were also victimized by the voting irregularities and outright fraud.

By Ron A. Y. Rich

Ron A. Y. Rich is not a registered Republican, but simply advocates the counting of all legitimate ballots, and the discounting of all illegitimate ballots.

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