America is currently losing the Third World War on multiple fronts

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Coordinated Effort By Chinese Communist Party To Overtake U.S. And Undermine Western Freedoms

The United States is currently losing the Third World War, and almost all of America’s leaders have no clue that they are even in a war. This is the weakest, most helpless position to be in as a country. The Nation has never been more divided, more vulnerable to the terrorizing influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Politicians and media pundits are completely oblivious to the stealth war currently being waged by the CCP. This war is explained well in the exclusive documentary – The Final War: The 100-Year Plot to Defeat America.

CCP sees covid-19 as an opportunity to dominate the West in a new World War

The Xin Huan News Agency, the official channel of the CCP, declares that “war is all encompassing.” The CCP viewed America’s medical system, its information channels, its supply chains, and Strategic National Stockpile as a battle ground. “This is a medical war, a security war, but also a psychological war,” the news agency declared. “Panic will result in the collapse of the Western stock market. War inevitably changes the world order.”

On August 1, 2020, Jin Canrong, top CCP strategist, spoke: “In our international relations circle, we have defined it – the pandemic – as the first unconventional security world war of mankind. It has had a wide impact on the world economy and international politics.”

“World War I and World War II have completely changed the international order and triggered innovations in technology and revolutions in society,” the CCP proclaims. “The unconventional World War III will, with no doubt, have a similar profound impact on the scientific and technological revolution and the world order.”

Di Dongsheng, Professor and vice dean of the school of international relations at Renmin University of China, called the covid-19 pandemic: “the battle for China’s ascension to the center of the world stage.” He declared, “We know that the rise of great powers requires wars. This time it’s reasonably China’s turn. One hundred years is normally a cycle. It’s China’s turn now. What is certain, is that the United States has officially lost its global leadership this time.”

Hang Weiwei, Director of the Institute of China Studies at Fudan University, declared: “We will find that we are in 100 years of unprecedented changes, 100 years of unprecedented opportunities. Everywhere is our opportunity. We should plan and then move. When it is time to strike, we must strike.”

By Lance D Johnson

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