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About Amy Phan West

In 1985 Amy Phan West escaped the invading Communist Regime at the end of the Vietnam War, with her entire family stowed away in the bowels of a Vietnamese Fishing Boat. They were at sea for 3 days and had already run out of fresh drinking water when a German Oil Tanker found them adrift and rendered their assistance.

They were taken to a Thailand refugee camp and then to the Philippines, where the entire Phan family sought Asylum in the United States. After a year and half in Thailand then six months in the Philippines, Asylum by the United States State Department was granted, and in 1987 they landed in Huntington Beach, California to begin the next chapter of “Their American Dream”.

Once in America, the Phan’s worked hard to provide for their family. They might not have made it, had it not been for the generous support offered by Vietnamese Church Organizations in the Southern California area. Amy, like her Brothers and Sisters, graduated from High School and she went on to Orange County Community College, where she received her AA in Business, and then she went on to earn her BA in Liberal Studies at California State Long Beach.

Amy married Jeremy West in 2009, and together they have three young son. They are the co-proprietors of an Independent Rental Car Consortium. As a family they enjoy many adventurous sporting activities, including camping, BMX, snowboarding and other seasonal extreme sports.

A Message from Amy

Thanks to those of you who’ve placed your confidence in my ability to lead the 47th Congressional District, from one of Impeachment, to a District that gets results, not just for you, but for all the American People. I am siting near 450 friends, far exceeding what I ever thought I would get so quickly, once this race started, and I want to share with you more about my platform. I want to thank those of you who have donated to my campaign since my donation page went up.

  • Under the Republican Leadership in the House and Senate, after the 2020 elections, I want to help the President “drain the swamp”, by passing a Term Limits Amendment.
    When the Founding Fathers initially served in the Continental Congress, they had no intention of making a career out of it, as they were all Merchants, and Farmers, and had to get home for they had crops to attend to, (and they certainly didn’t ask for yearly pay raises, and housing stipends as the Democrats just proposed!)
  • I believe in 45 minutes to an hour, our government can fill in our Immigration Loopholes, but for too long, we’ve had a House of Representatives too weak to act on filling in those loopholes that keep pushing caravans thru Mexico to our border. Only the will of a very special President, and the threat of sanctions against Mexico is keeping many of our border states, from being completely overrun!
  • I am unapologetically Pro-life, and as such, plan to make a stand against taxpayer funded abortion, and the horrors of late term or 9 month abortions, which the left seems to embrace.
  • I want to improve the quality of health care to our Veterans, and those citizens in need of it. I believe there can be a “blue ribbon bipartisan solution, but Democrats need to get back to the table and discuss it, with those in the fields of Health Care, not Economists.
  • I strongly encourage continued diplomacy towards denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula with North Korea, and the United States. And take it a step further, by easing of economic sanctions, and perhaps even bring free market capitalism to North Korea.
  • The Organization of American States (with American Congressional support) needs to adopt a stronger foreign policy towards peaceful regime change in Venezuela. The Venezuelan people need to return to the Oil rich economy they once had. They cant do that until Maduro is exiled to Cuba.
  • We must stay the course, as it relates to current US/China Trade Negotiations. Long Beach is the most important American port on the West Coast of the United States, and we must protect our workers, by keeping that Port open, and American goods going out, and the importation of products only unique to the Pacific Rim coming in. It is critical to Job growth in Long Beach. Once elected, I also want to ask Jeff Bezos, why the largest port city on the west coast of the United States, doesn’t have an Amazon Order Fulfillment Center near the port, as all the infrastructure exists to support an Amazon Order Center. If AOC doesn’t want one in her district, and its 20,000 jobs, I’ll gladly take it.
  • My family and I use the environment when we get out, and as such, we are always good stewards of the environment. Democrats and Progressives in DC need to know nothing will change with the environment until the threats to capitulate by Democrats come to an end…There can be common ground!

Amy Phan West wants common sense solutions for this District; You won’t hear hear her speaking the words, “Russia, Collusion, Impeachment, Special Prosecutor, Censure”, or any of the other terms our Reps in DC like to throw around when they are in front of a camera. She wants to work for the American people, with a focus on her community.

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